SONY’s Modern Slavery Transparency Act Statement.

  • Has anyone else noticed this recently? This is the first time i’m seeing this:

    0_1503390385064_SONY Policy.JPG

    Not sure when this link was placed, and, if it was recently placed, what was the impetus for it? It was one of those things that seemed so “over the top” that i almost didn’t want to click into it, kind of like how i just don’t care about net neutrality, however, did decide to give it a glance to see what it was about and, if it would really be relevant.

    They look at this through the prism of: forced labor, child labor, domestic servitude among other unsavories. Thinking about it, i might qualify under “domestic servitude” (laughs) Anyway, they explain,

    “The Supply Chain Code is aligned with the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, the ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work and the UN Declaration of Human Rights.”

    I’m no expert, but, i wouldn’t necessarily ascribe to the UN for moral guidance. I guess if these guidelines can be upheld it might be good, but, enforceability is usually the stumbling block.

    With respect to self-assessments they explain,

    “self-assessment questionnaires completed by all 20 manufacturing sites for fiscal year 2015 did not identify any areas of major non-conformance to our standards.”

    My question becomes, how would they categorize a major versus minor infraction? When i read that, seemed a little open-ended to me.

    Regarding supply chain assessments and audits they explained,

    “During our 2015 fiscal year, we completed assessments for 260 suppliers. From these assessments, we identified 5 suppliers and conducted on-site inspections at those suppliers’ facilities.”

    I guess i am to assume that the five were reprobate?

    Overall, i guess i’m a little surprised that perhaps it has come to a point where SONY feels the necessity to formally codify this.



  • Its probably them saying that they don't have "slaves" working for them either directly or indirectly.

    ToUs and the like can be pretty funny. There ones to an mmo I play that says (pretty much) you MUST be 13+ years old or have a parent's permission to play, and that you can't have more than one account.

    I think swtor has a line saying "don't spoil the stories to the game" (I LOVED pushing the envelope on this one).

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