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  • hello there,

    Piracy is a huge issue towads media entertainment , tv and movies. Anime has a lot of issue with that given that there are numeriois website that anyone can stream for free or torrent sites. Im just going to jump straight to the point. I highly recommend you guys have the option to digitally download seasons or episodes that contain english sub or both english and japanes dialogue. Furthermore make use of your site by providing exclusive content. Now i know you guys work with crunchyroll so continue working on shows that are in high demand such as tokyo ghoul. Im not sure what goes oh behind the works but I myself have subscribes to your site only because im a huge fan of tokyo ghoul and would love to see more of it. Im sure many others would agree as well.

  • I am pretty sure they are working on something like that. The ability to download a certain number of episodes into an app to offline viewing (similar to what Netflix has).
    As for languages, I would assume it would be limited to what is available on the Funimation site, So, if only the dub is on Funi, then that is what would be available. This is really only my speculation though.

    As for more Tokyo Ghoul, Funimation really has no say in that. It is up to the Japanese companies and studios on if a new season would happen.

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