Fairy Tail Dragon Cry Movie SPOILER Discussion Thread!

  • Ok so what everyone though on the movie?

  • I guess I will 1st said:

    Is this movie canon? It seen guild is back. But where it end at Zero Natsu and Lucy just got back. So I guess that just skip everything of them coming back?

    Also I don't really like how for the 1st 10 minutes Natsu was dream of what happen up to that point it was kind weird start.

    I very salty that Happy still not get human from...

    Lucy and Natsu had alot of ship moment that I REALLY like!

    Natsu dream about Lucy which was cool... Not to mention the other thing she and he did.

    I was disappointed at the lack of new good guy coming out. I though for SURE that woman guard was going to be more in this movie but she was just a whatever person in the movie...

    Also of moments that make you laugh.

  • It didn't amaze me, but I did enjoy it. I'll certinaly buy it when it's released.

    It is canon, apparently its supposed to happen between the two final arcs in the manga. so it will eventually make sense once the anime resumes

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