How do I get the Yeti Mic to work on my PC???

  • How do I get the Yeti Mic to work on my PC??? Every time I plug in the extension cord to my USB port it doesn't do anything it just mute the sound on my Monitor and when I try to talk into it when I want to make videos etc. it doesn't respond to it. I know it's plugged in because my monitor video sound go silent so I know it works but the Mic not responding to when I'm talking.

  • If it's a USB mic, you probably need to install the driver?
    Or maybe it's just that the mic volume is at 0 or very low?

  • Ok, let's go through this step by step and see what happens.

    1. Unplug the mic when the computer is off.
    2. Turn your computer back on and wait until Windows has loaded everything up.
    3. Plug in the Yeti to the motherboard or PCI-E USB drive. Avoid ones found on the case and any kind of USB extension.
    4. Press the "Windows Key" and the "R" key together
    5. In the new window, type "control panel"
    6. Click on "Sound"
    7. Under "Playback" right click on where you want your sound to come from (monitors, headphones, etc). For me it's Speakers.
      7b) To make sure that's the right option click "Test". You should here sound coming from that device.
    8. Under "Recording" right click on your Microphone (in this case the Yeti).
    9. Click "Set as Default Device", repeat step 8, and now click "Set as Default Communication Device".

    Now to test to see if it works.

    1. In the same "Sound" window, under "Playback", again right click your Microphone.
    2. Click "Properties",
    3. Click "Listen".
    4. Tick the "Listen to this device" box.
    5. Click "Apply"
    6. Speak into the mic.
    7. If you can hear yourself through your chosen "Playback" option then you're good to go. Just make sure you now untick the box we just ticked and click "Apply".

    If this didn't help let me know and I'll think of something else to try. We got to make sure the basics are done first.

    Oh, and I don't think Blue makes custom drivers for their USB mics, they let Windows/Mac handle it all. As you can guess this can be a pain for Linux users who're left in the dark. The only thing they really do when it comes to their USB product line is a manual, and the Yeti one can be found HERE.

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