orange exclamation point by my account

  • when my account is showing in the upper right there is an orange exclamation mark next to it. on most sites this means there is a issue but when i look at my profile i do not see any issues. can anyone tell me what the exclamation mark is doing there.

  • You are not alone, I have the same thing since the new website is up and I haven't been able to find what's wrong with my account either.

  • I just figured that meant there was something I haven't completed or something new has shown up...but yeah it's been there since I signed up. No idea what to do...

  • I had raised this issue some time back, i don't believe we ever received a final word on it. I tend to fall on the side of Joe, perhaps something (profile wise) was not completed. I know i have gaps in my profile information - - and probably better that it stays that way (laughs) ;-)


    P.S.- Joe, your avatar wouldn't happen to be Megumi Sagano would it?

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