Senran Kagura Peach Beach Splash PS4 - - September 12, 2017.

  • I don’t know... i was a little skeptical to post info about this here, however, i guess there is technically a “Senran Kagura” anime licensed by FUN. I had been following this game, then it kinda dropped off my radar, but, as i thought we were getting closer to the deadline, figured i would look it up again. I am somewhat enthusiastic about this; at least it doesn’t have the girls in the usual violent setting (hopefully). Tired of these violent games... Seems like a more light-hearted and fun setup which i can appreciate. Hopefully, it won’t be too risqué as that will ruin it as well. The price point is high, then again, it is Senran Kagura so they probably figure it is justifiable. Funny if everyone boycotted and forced them to bring the price down, then again, if the work isn’t supported, they might just scrap this kind of project altogether.

    Overall, i’ll probably (begrudgingly) fork over the money for this, but, i have to say, my track record with the Senran series is not good. Maybe watched one [1] episode of the anime, bought the manga - - did not read it, i bought both Shinovi versus and Estival versus - - still have not played either of them. And, like i said in another post, if, when i finally get around to playing these games, if i find that it disturbs me, right in the garbage. (laughs) Finding inspiration to play these games and do things in general these days seems like a herculean task. Sometimes, after long workweeks, all you want to do is sleep. It’s funny. You have to work, but then, it’s like you don’t necessarily get to enjoy the fruit of your labor... {:-/


    P.S.- Would be hilarious if Princess Peach made a special guest appearance ;-)

  • Well, like a UMA, the release date for this has been mysteriously pushed to Sept. 26. Not sure if that is a good sign...


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