Noragami On schedule?

  • Why is it on schedule?

  • @Nessa244 It happens quite a bit. It's happens a lot when a home video release is about to happen for a series which is already streaming, like the broadcast dubs, because they normally do final editing and make any changes to the series. However, it also happens out of the blue that shows which already have a home release make it onto the schedule. I've always assumed that this is because of changes which are made in the back-end portion of editing to make the series stream easier or in a different quality than is already on the site. I haven't seen it lately, but can think of at least one instance on the old site that a series which did not have a dub was listed for a dub release on the schedule and then "magically" disappeared a few days before the scheduled release date.

  • it disappears when you filter by premium access, so that means on the the 22nd you wont have to be a subscriber to watch season 2

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