Buffering issues

  • Hello,

    I am using my Mac and Google Chrome via the Funimation website to stream videos with ad blockers and plugins off. I subscribed last night and for all intents and purposes I was able to get through three videos just fine without a hiccup. Though today has been brutal, just getting through one episode was like trying to pull teeth, about every 2 mins the video would pause and have to buffer. I checked forums and this seems to have been an issue in the past without resolve, I saw a post from 4 days ago talking about a twitter post mentioning this had been resolved - this has not been resolved.

    I thought at first it may be my bandwidth, but the internet speed test revealed I was downloading at around 7 mbps which is well within the range for streaming high resolutions of video. My Amazon Prime, Netflix and Hulu are all streaming flawlessly so I have no choice but to assume that the issue is on the other end.

    Unfortunately most of the complaints I saw about this issue are from months ago and if this has been going on for so long that does not bode well for chances of me enjoying consistency on this site. Though any help or solution would be highly valuable. If all is for not, I will probably unsubscribe and search for better venues elsewhere.

    Thank you.

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