What's the difference between Queue and Following?

  • I'm sorry if this seems like a stupid question, I'm just a little confused on the matter.I get that adding something to you queue means that you're watching it, but what about when it's finished and their's hope for a second season? Should I remove it from my queue and put it in the followed pile? If so, will it be even obvious to me that a new season is running, if I don't regularly check the schedule or sites like ANN? Is following just to save for later potential re-watches? If so, why not just keep it on the queue? I'm sorry, but having both systems seem a little redundant to me.

    Hell, maybe I'm over-thinking this. Either way, if someone could shine some light on the matter, I'd be grateful.

  • The "following" option in regards to shows seems to be a remade carryover of the "favorites" option from the previous website before it was updated in January; other then assembling a listing, I don't think it does anything.

    If you are worried about missing future seasons... I would simply suggest you just check out the FUNIBlog post they do once a season listing all their stuff. It is usually pinned for visibility.


    This is the active one.

    Look for it about 2 weeks into the new season; so Jan, April, July, and October. That way, you know what is up, and can act accordingly. For English dubs, anyways...

  • @thegrandalliance Okay, makes sense. I'm a rather new subscriber, and wasn't here for the old site.

    Though in my opinion (not worth much, I know) the term "Favourites" works better. "Following" gives the sense that you'll get some kind of information about that series, ie Twitter and Instagram, where you "Follow" people and things; whereas "Favourites" give the sense of enjoyment, something to easily find, suggest, and rewatch.

    Terminology aside, thanks for clearing things up :)

  • Queue basically gives you easy access to watch a show without having to search or browse for it.

    Following a Show will send you email notifications when the show has new videos, blog posts, etc. It just hasn't been fully implemented yet.

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