so i got to thinking and realized i havent seen very meny anime about the sea.

  • this is just my opinion as a fan of most all anime
    -I kind of want to see the next season of high school of the dead.
    -I don't normally like mec anime but I really like knights and magic mainly because of the technical aspect.
    -ingenral I have to say you guys are doing a good job preciatit.

  • In regards to your actual thread title, I'd suggest checking out Amanchu, which is basically a show about high school kids deep sea diving.

  • Hi there. Welcome to the forums.

    As for your post, The Suggestion Box forum is meant as a place where users can recommend ways to improve the site, not to ask for suggestions as to which anime they should watch.

    As such, I'll be closing this down, but not before offering you a few new anime to watch: Try out A Lull in the Sea, Tsuritama, and just for fun... Keijo!!!!!!!!

    Sorry about the confusion.

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