Will Xbox get the newest app like PS4?

  • I have seen that the PS4 has gotten an entirely revamp app and was wondering if the Xbox was going to get it eventually.

  • @WHO4SYOURDADDY It's a safe bet that we will, and it will likely be a UWP app for Win10/M/Xbox.

    I was told in Feb don't expect any updates on any future versions for the Xbox/Win10 apps for a long time. So let's hope it will be out before 2020 and the next relaunch of Funimation's site.

  • Considering that the Xbox, didn't even get a revamp for the app, when they updated to funimationnow like the PS4 had, I am going to say that most likely we will not be seeing one any time soon.

  • @darkdeath174

    We getting new Win10 app. Sophie was just talking about it, and soliciting requests:

    @Sophie said in Dont Subscribe - Nothing works (ie roku and PS4) - no Support:

    Windows 10 is going to get a new app, so it's basically in the same position PS4 was in. I have requested to write requirements for it because I ๐Ÿ’– Surface, so give me your wishlist (in a new thread). ^_^

  • The new Xbox One app will be launching very soon and will be nearly identical to the PS4 app.

    Windows 10 will be separate.

  • @Sophie I like how you replied on here just as I posted on the other linked thread!

    Why isn't a UWP app? Building 2 separate for Win10 and Xbox One is sort of a waste of time and resources. One unified app system makes handling both Xbox One and Win10 easier.

    Please tell me that you asked the app team to port the new Xbox One app to UWP, then asked them get that version working on Windows 10 with UI changes to be more PC friendly!

  • It actually kind of is already. The Xbox One app is nearly identical to the PS4 app. Both even share the same bugs. It did speed up development for Xbox One, like you've said, but regression testing still took the same amount of time. Also coming soon is a Smart TV app that will share the same code base.

    We could make the Xbox One app universal with Windows PCs and mobile devices. I'm not ruling that out. However, those devices don't really have the same needs as Xbox One and may not be able to run the app as well as it runs on Xbox One. We'd want Windows mobile to have Watch Offline and to allow the user to limit streaming to when they are connected to WiFi, for example. We'd also want to add in casting functionality, which Xbox One wouldn't need.

    Rather than try to force an app made for one device to work on another very different device, we'd like each device to have an app that is optimized just for it.

    If it makes you feel better, the apps all share the same API, which really speeds up development.

  • @Sophie The design of UWP allows for apps to be fully customizable for the platform it's running on. UWP knows what to enable and disable for the platforms the app is running on. You can even build system level optimizations into UWP for each platform it's running on. So there is no forcing an app to work, it knows what it needs to do.

    The Netflix app on Win10 is a UWP app, it has a different UI and features that aren't enabled on Xbox One and vice versa.

    Microsoft lays that all out pretty clearly

  • @darkdeath174 Right, but each device type will still need to be tested on each and customized just like we've had to do for PS4, Xbox One, Roku, and the Smart TVs. All share the same code base and whatnot with a few customizations that we had to make based on how each device worked.

    I'm not ruling out that the Windows 10 app won't just be a port of XBox One. All I'm saying is that we want the Windows 10 app to be optimized for mobile and PC devices.

    If we port the Xbox One app, some work will be saved, yes, but not all. I'll certainly ask if that is the plan. I haven't heard what is to be done about the Windows 10 app yet. I've only heard that we are making a new one.

  • @Sophie And I'm saying you'll have better optimization for all Microsoft devices if you use UWP now. UWP has better access to system features sets by default,

    The main reason Microsoft built UWP, was to prevent devs from having to make multiple version of the same app on it's devices and give them better access to all devices that run Windows 10(Which Xbox One does run)

    You could easily release the Xbox One app when it's ready, then start working on updating it to UWP, so it can run on any Win10 devices you wish to support. When that is finished, you can updated that app with the new UWP version, then tell Microsoft you'd like to publish the new version of the said app on the Xbox One store, Win10 Store and the Mobile store.

  • @darkdeath174 Yes, I agree. However, like I said earlier, I only know that we are replacing the existing Windows 10 app. It might be UWP. It might not be. It will be up to my bosses as to what will best suit our needs.

    Regardless of what is decided, though, we'll still need to QA each device type just like we do for the Kindle app, which is universal with the Android mobile app.

    So, I guess, if it helps to reassure you, we do already take advantage of things like UWP where it makes sense, so UWP could potentially happen. However, I don't know what decision has been made regarding Windows 10 specifically.

  • @Sophie Could you at least give them feedback that someone is requesting it to be UWP. As I think having 2 or more apps of the same apps on one store is a silly thing to do.

  • Yes, I just got back from doing that, and was told that a port is one of the options on the table.

  • @darkdeath174

    U are really hyperventilating over there regarding UWP...

    Indeed, as it is not all what it is cracked up to be, let us say. Just another Microsoft Fantasy...

    In addition, based upon the images I have seen of the PS4 app, navigation would be very clunky if that UI was used on mobile. That is more then just a few, simple device UI settings. I am not liking that entire engine. And, don't even want to think about load times on a phone...

    The Win 10 app, especially mobile, needs to be super lightweight; it cannot simply be a plug/play of the Xbox. Else, u gonna have even more problems then the current app does. GL loading show image placeholders...

    There would not be "2 apps in the store"; there would only be shown the app for the device accessed. They do this now:




    The Xbox has its own app store selection. They may have pushed the two catalogs into one because they lazy, but this is not readily visible to users. Indeed, as I can search "FUNimation" in my Lumia 735 phone, and it only displays one option.

    If it takes longer to get a better Win 10 app, so be it. The current one mechanically works just fine, at present, so no worries...

  • @thegrandalliance You can now view all Xbox One content one the Windows 10 store, so one could run into that version on there. So there can be two, but only for PC users.

  • I hope we actually get an Xbox One app to begin with, have to watch it through the web browser at the moment on my xbox!

  • @DodgerCyclops You won't have too much longer to wait. ๐Ÿ˜„

  • That is good to hear! sorry should have said this is for the UK, sounds like the US already has an app, which i'm jealous of :P

  • The Xbox One app is in the US store now. It's a separate app for now while Microsoft sets things up. Then the previous app will be retired, and all users with it installed will be forced to update to the new one.

    @DodgerCyclops The new app should be in the UK store now as well. If it isn't, then I think it will go up at the same time that the previous US app is retired.

  • @Sophie It's also live on the Canadian store.

    The app team has indeed opted for UWP. So that just means they PC and Mobile versions need updating.

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