Schedule tab in Funimation Now app

  • Hello everyone, don't know about you guys but i would like to
    see a schedule tab inside the app. don't really understand why they haven't added one yet, anyone that has a working Funimation Now app is probably gonna use a console rather than bringing out the laptop not only that i think it would be convenient and a nice addition to the new app if they ever work out all of the bugs.

  • You're the first person to ask that, so that would be why. ^_^

    We might have some space in the menu to add a full schedule and/or an "Upcoming Episode" to the top part of Show Detail.

    What kind of functionality would you like a Schedule screen to have? Sorts, filters? How much information would you want displayed for each item? Would you like to be able to add to Queue from this screen or even start following the show, so that you can be notified when there is a new epsiode?

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