PS4 Funimation app issues: Update 2.0

  • Earlier today I was logged on watching shows and I had left my console on sleep mode. When I returned the Funimation got an update and I had to re-log on, however the new update just kept loading, I gave it 20+ minutes but nothing happened to allow me to browse shows, also I had turned the PS4 off for a few hours and still had the issue, I understand that this is probably normal but will it be fixed soon? also was just wondering if anyone knew about it too.

  • The issue has been resolved. Please close the app completely and relaunch it.

  • @Sophie i had the same problem except now it wont even get past the logo, it stayed there for hours after update and has done the same after completely closing app and opening again, and even restarting my ps4 did nothing, and i was in the middle of an episode when it started updating

  • It's been at least 3 or 4 days since that update came out for the app and it still doesn't work it sits on the loading screen for hours. If it wasn't for the PS4 web browser that I now use to watch shows on here I would have unsubscribed. Please fix the app.

  • @Nateanime95 @OXOTNHK That issue was fixed 4 hours after it was first reported. Could you please try uninstalling and reinstalling the app?

    If it's still happening after that, please post.

  • @Sophie So I did some testing and it seems that the problem may have something to do with mine and others slow internet speed to connect with Funimation on the PS4 app ONLY. Because my PS3 which still has the previous Funimation version before the big PS4 update and works fine. Mobile devices plus the funimation apps on them and PC's etc work fine on my internet and as I previously stated before even the web browser on the PS4 can pull up FUNimation with out no problem. But the problem just seems to be on the PS4 app ONLY. So my guess is people with slow internet speed can't connect to the app. Oh and I did uninstall and reinstall app nothing changed.

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