PlayStation 4 App Known Issues & Updates

  • This is the official thread for FunimationNow PlayStation 4 App support. Please follow this thread for updates to the app and the status of any reported issues. You may also report any issues not listed here and/or ask questions about upcoming updates to the PS4 app.

    PS3 Status Thread:

  • Known Issues


    1. Home screen takes about a minute to load and sometimes times out. Only the menu loads. Other screens, including the video player, also take about a minute to load. Video player playback is also affected. "You have been disconnected from the network" occurs after a few minutes. This is a service-wide issue. All apps are affected.
      a. Status: โœ…Fixed! We had to put a 50-Show limit on Queue. That should be fixed week of 8/14, so that you'll be able to see all Shows in your Queue.
      b. 12545

    2. User logged out of PS4 app after logging out from another app. This is a service-wide issue that was present before the PS4 app was developed.
      a. Status: In progress.

    3. Incorrect prefix text when the next video in the same language and version is not available. It says, "Watch Latest" instead of "Watched".
      a. Status: Reported.

    All Shows, SimulDubs, and Genre Screens:

    1. Highest video quality missing from Shows listed on the SimulDubs screen.
      a. Status: In progress.

    2. Shows that only have SVOD-availed videos do not appear in the list of Shows for Free or anonymous users.
      a. Status: Reported


    1. Some Shows have a TV-PG maturity rating instead of R on search results.
      a. Status: In progress

    Show Detail:

    1. Video progress wiped when user watches same language, but different version of same episode. For example, if you watch English/Simulcast and then watch English/Uncut, your progress for English/Simulcast is deleted.
      a. Status: In progress. This was previously part of a larger issue and is just now what remains to be fixed.

    2. Continue Watching does not play in default language when user has no watch history.
      a. Status: Reported.

    3. Changing the language in the player does not affect the default option in the Language dropdown in the video list. The default option should be what was watched if the user has watch history for that video.
      a. Status: Reported.

    4. Season names are not truncated in the video list if they are too long. They wrap to two lines and obscure the next option in the Season chooser.
      a. Status: Reported.

    5. Highest video quality is missing from video list metadata.
      a. Status: Reported.

    6. Production year is incorrect in video list metadata. It's the Show's production year instead of the video's original air date year.
      a. Status: Reported.


    1. Changing the language in the player also changes the version. This only happens if you change the language from English to Japanese while watching English Uncut.
      a. Status: Reported.

    2. After changing the language in the player, player marathons to video in previous language.
      a. Status: Reported.

    3. Player becomes unresponsive 30 minutes to an hour after resuming from PS4 sleep mode.
      a. Status: Reported.

    4. Closed captions at 100% size are too small.
      a. Status: In progress.
      b. To get around this, go to Accessibility Settings from the PS4 XMB, enable closed captions, and set the text size to 200%.

    5. Unable to marathon Shows that only have AVOD videos, like Le Chevalier or Peacemaker.
      a. Status: Reported.

    6. UI does not disappear completely when paused when user is anonymous.
      a. Status: Reported.

    My Queue:

    1. Queue takes a long time to load when it contains more than 50 shows.
      a. Status: In progress. Fix should be live week of 8/14, but may move out.

  • Feature List & Updates

    Coming EOD 8/15.

    Minimum Requirements

    Coming soon.

  • Tips & Troubleshooting

  • When trying to watch shows from my Queue i.e. one piece the App takes about 2 seconds of loading and then crashes. At times the crash is so bad that it will take a relatively long time for the "Send Feedback" about the crash. My PS4 is working fine on everything else, I updated the App, and I reinstalled/updated the App yet the problems persist.

    While I can't watch anything outside of the the new shows (Squares that show the video preview on home page) I can however watch all those without any interruptions and the App works fine in that area.

  • @minxie101 Thank you for reporting. Could you please provide a bit more information, so that we can attempt to reproduce the issue?

    If you try to select One Piece from search or from All Shows, does it load ok? You can sort the list by Show Name (A-Z) and then use R2 to skip to O to find it more easily.

    If you select a video from One Piece from the Continue Watching carousel on the Home screen or from the Recently Watched carousel on the My Queue screen, does the player load?

  • If I select continue watching from the Home screen as well as the My Queue screen it works fine. If I select from the all shows tab or the search tab it crashes, it doesn't load the black screen because there is no video so instead just goes to the purple/blue app background with the loading icon until it finally crashes.

    I can tell when it is going to work because it loads the video instantly i.e. going to a black screen which is the start of the video.

    I've tried multiple times by loading up different shows in my queue then going back to One Piece and still it continued to crash. There was one time that I did manage to load up the one piece page but I don't remember how since I couldn't duplicate it and tried random other ways to make it work which were all unsuccessful.

  • Good day,
    I downloaded the Funimation Ps4 app yesterday. I hit start on the app and after about 10 seconds, I get "You have been disconnected from the network"
    Deleted the app, re-downloaded it. Same thing. I tried again today... same thing.
    Is there any issue happening at the moment?

  • I am still having the same exact issue, not able to load up the One Piece page using any option. Every other link to other show pages works but not One Piece.

  • I tried and works fine for me, may I ask if you have signed into your router to update your firmware? How old is your router? What type of router do you own? How new or old is it?

  • Everything is up to date and working fine, I am 100% sure the problem is on Funimation's end and not my own. I actually responded to that in a email already with isp and my ip giving all that info. Not only that but there is no reason only one show would not work if it was on my end, I can use the rest of funimation problem free. I don't even have many of the problems other people were having with the App it is purely just One Piece that I can not load up outside of the new episodes that have the "preview video image" to click on the home tab.

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