Possible challenger to Hyperdimension Neptunia?

  • When i saw this:

    0_1502085613311_challenge to neptunia.JPG

    i was like, what is going on here? This game’s presentation style reminds me so much of Hyperdimension Neptunia, that i’m tempted to buy it to see what it’s all about and if it might be a worthy rival for our Gameindustri heroines. As some of you may know, i appreciate a decently done series “mashup”. If this game proves to be worth anything, a successor title featuring the collision of worlds between the two might be interesting...
    At the very least, the price point of $29.99 is reasonable. Drive Girls rolls onto the Vita September 8, 2017.


  • @P.J. I'm Not really Interested In The Neptunia series since it started from Mediocre reviews from what I read.

  • Mediocre reviews for Neptunia? Shhh... not so loud! Darth might hear you...

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