One Piece sub quality: will it be fixed?

  • Since the hardsubs seem to make the quality of the later subbed episodes darker and less smooth with panning, will they be fixed so that it will have smooth panning and brighter colors like the dub episodes? I'm asking because I've grown to be used to the hardsub font, and I want to enjoy my favorite show with the highest quality possible, not with these unreadable transparent thin softsubs. I've heard people say that this issue was fixed with the DVD releases even with hardsubs, but I don't understand why it can't be done here. This is basically concerning the New World episodes, and maybe even before that.

  • Yes, we can change the look of the soft subtitles. However, I don't know that it can be brought up to the look of the hard subtitles. I will be putting in a bug for the disappearing font styling setting and will be requesting that we add in Arial or Arial black, which is what the hard subtitle font probably is.

  • Thank you for that. The current softsubs seem to be Arial already, so something else bolder or thicker would do great. The typesetting and size of the softsubs should be fixed too so that they're lower to the screen, and that they're even bigger than the "Large" size option, which still looks rather small.

  • @Andres_Saldi Thanks! I'll request those. Hopefully, it can be done. Apparently, fonts are limited to what each browser supports, but since we have an HTML5 player, I'm hopeful.

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