The Great Big Con Thread

  • So I figured since we didn't have a convention that we could get one. I'd like this to be like a place to show off Cosplay pictures, merch, autographs and videos. So post them here to cut down on a little clutter.

    I'll start. I just hit up Metrocon in Tampa and my legs feel like jello. But I had a good time barring some real life issues. Lots of great cosplay and an always fun time at the AMV contest. I got Max Mittleman and Robbie Damen to sign my copy of P5. Here's some cosplay and merch pics!

  • The 2 cons I tend to go to are done for the year, so not much to look forward to until next year (and they both happen within a month of each other). But...the anime con is getting Matt Mercer and Leah Clark, so that's exciting, and I bought my ticket last week.

    Since the anime con was just a month ago, I did get to meet Jerry Jewell. He signed my Baccano and Fruits Basket and attend 1 of his panels (sadly, I could only go one day, so missed a bunch of stuff that would have been super cool to see).

    I have met J. Michael Tatum (twice), Cherami Leigh, Vic Mignogna, Todd Haberkorn, Johnny Yong Bosch, and Steve Blum at the conventions here.

  • Anyone going to Otakon in D.C. next weekend?

  • @JayHairston That's far away!
    Also, I don't go to conventions anyway.

  • @JayHairston If I did I'd be dead. But a lot of good artists will be there

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