The Great Big Con Thread

  • So I figured since we didn't have a convention that we could get one. I'd like this to be like a place to show off Cosplay pictures, merch, autographs and videos. So post them here to cut down on a little clutter.

    I'll start. I just hit up Metrocon in Tampa and my legs feel like jello. But I had a good time barring some real life issues. Lots of great cosplay and an always fun time at the AMV contest. I got Max Mittleman and Robbie Damen to sign my copy of P5. Here's some cosplay and merch pics!

  • The 2 cons I tend to go to are done for the year, so not much to look forward to until next year (and they both happen within a month of each other). But...the anime con is getting Matt Mercer and Leah Clark, so that's exciting, and I bought my ticket last week.

    Since the anime con was just a month ago, I did get to meet Jerry Jewell. He signed my Baccano and Fruits Basket and attend 1 of his panels (sadly, I could only go one day, so missed a bunch of stuff that would have been super cool to see).

    I have met J. Michael Tatum (twice), Cherami Leigh, Vic Mignogna, Todd Haberkorn, Johnny Yong Bosch, and Steve Blum at the conventions here.

  • Anyone going to Otakon in D.C. next weekend?

  • @JayHairston That's far away!
    Also, I don't go to conventions anyway.

  • @JayHairston If I did I'd be dead. But a lot of good artists will be there

  • I have returned from Anime Fest and it was beyond awesome. I spent the week I went to Dallas, TX with some amazing humans. I picked up a lot of merch but we're doing a haul video for Dub Talk so I won't put too much.

    But for starters I entered Nendroid hell by getting Yuri Katsuki (who I had preorder for a while) and Monoyoshi Sadume from Touken Ranbu. I also picked up (and successfully got on a plane. Thanks Southwest!) a Croconana from the lovely folks over at Sorbet Jungle.

    I also got to see Fairy Tail Dragon Cry (which even as a tsundere Fairy Tail fan was awesome. Leg Day best girl) and got to see my buddy Godswill again and meet Jay and Lauren! I even won a copy of Phoenix Priestess to watch later. I was also able to meet the lovely Dawn Benett, the voice of Frosch, and talk for a while with her.

    The con its self was amazing and was staffed by lovely people, including the weapons check wombat. The cosplay was on point. From, Touken Ranbu to Tanya the Evil and beyond everyone here stepped up their game.

    I got a ton of autographs from Ian Sinclair, Micahl Solusod, Apphia Yu, Daimen Mills, Aljeandro Saab, Monica Rial and Eric Vale, I wasn't able to get Jerry Jewel or Josh Grelle or a lot of the Japanese guest cause I was burned out on lines by day 2. Thats because I survived the maw and made it out with these two. Sayo Yamamoto and Mitsuro Kubo. Worth the five hours!

    But the biggest highlight was living a dream and touring the big house with my friends. I did a Funimation tour helmed by Lauren and Jay and it was beyond words. We even got a pic with Clifford Chapin. My favorite part, besides ALL OF IT, was that I did it with the people I call my second family. I couldn't have asked for a better trip and I will be back for another round!

  • Ha the water pistol for Tanya the Evil made me laugh.

    I am pretty jealous of the cons you folks seem to get to the south, there's nothing for anime quite that level here (Although our Comic and Entertainment Expo is one of the biggest out there). It looks like you had a load of fun!

  • @emdier It was nice. But not every con here is gold. I've been to some shady, crap events and have seen them tear each other apart.

  • @Queenira Huh guess I have been lucky, haven't been to anything I would consider shady as far as cons go. At least you get good stories I guess?

  • @emdier Kinda sorta.

    Florida is a very odd con community in that we all either get along or hate each other. And a lot of us are in the I-4 (Tampa to Daytona Beach) corridor. So we all know each other some how. We lost like two cons because the owners were awful and it got to like money issues. But yeah. I try to avoid that.

  • @Queenira Error in the link labeled Croconana. Here is the corrected link. I would have liked to have seen the tour of Funimation if you happen to have any video/pics. I did see a lot of the people from your pics in the conference room via internet feed, but have no idea who any of them are. Was only able to realize that a couple of the active forum members were present by hearing usernames during the feed. Looked like a lot of fun.

  • @pleco_breeder There is only so much we can show. We don't have a ton of photo or video out of respect. I know I wouldn't like a bunch of cameras at my desk with sensitive materials out

  • @Queenira Understood, but even the lobby in the pic looks like a fun place to see. I want that Alphonse figure behind you all for my collection ;-)

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