How many animes can you have on queue?

  • #Queue just need some help with how many animes can be on my queue. I added some and I started noticing that some where missing over and over again.

  • @Lunatiixz I have the same exact problem. Anytime I add a show, it says added for the time being then when next I log back in its no longer on my queue then I have to re-add it every single time. It happens on all the iOS devices but on my PC it's just fine or so I think. I haven't checked in a while

  • It appears to depend on the device used. The site and Android app support my full queue of 91. The previous version of the PS4 only allowed 20, then they fixed it to allow full queue, but couldn't remove them past the 50th position. However, the newer PS4 app appears to cut out at 50 completely, not even showing anything over that. All over the place, but a very minor annoyance to me personally, so I'll just trim my queue to below fiddy.

  • It should only be limited by the number of shows available on the site. However, the feed is cut off on some apps for performance reasons or because it's a bug. You can change the order of the shows in your Queue in your account on the site.

    I do think that we need to change it to where newly added shows appear at the top instead of the bottom, though, so that update will be coming and will perhaps help when the feed has to be cut off.

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