Saiyuki Reload Blast

  • Watched a couple of episodes of this early this morning to give it a try. Checked into the series a bit afterward because it seems to have started in the middle of a quest, and found that it is just the latest entry into a series. However, haven't been able to find anything regarding the order of previous seasons, or where to find them. Is this one of those that we're just supposed to jump into the middle of, or is there a legitimate stream somewhere that I'm not seeing?

    Just an observation, and I'm only three episodes into the series, but the layout of the group and basic story makes me think this series is based off Momotaro.

  • It's actually based off "Journey to the West". ;-)

    This series started with (Gensomaden) Saiyuki, which was released by ADV. The sequel series Saiyuki Reload and Saiyuki Reload Gunlock were dubbed and released by Geneon.
    ADV also had the movie Saiyuki Requiem. About the only thing streaming now is the Saiyuki Gaiden OVA series on Hi-Dive.

  • @Nobu Thanks. I had never heard of that story, but could easily equate to Momotaro which has an equally unusual cast, minus the anthropomorphism. That story does appear, even though I haven't read it, to match more with what I've seen so far from the series as well as saiyuki actually being the Japanese recognized title of the Chinese story.

  • @pleco_breeder said in Saiyuki Reload Blast:

    I had never heard of that story,

    It shows up in a lot of things. Like Dragon Ball. ;-)
    This series may start in the middle of the overall story, but once you get the character personalities/dynamics, it's mostly adventure-of-the-week.
    And of course I'm enjoying David Matranga & Greg Ayres return to these characters.

  • I'm still getting used to the story, but enjoying it. Been watching in Japanese, so didn't realize that Greg Ayres is voicing on this series. Having said that, his has to be one of the most recognizable, and one of my favorite, voices in the industry. It may just be the roles he's cast in, but there has always been a comedic style to his acting which I don't think could be matched by anyone else for those characters. I will say that it was initially difficult to equate his voice to Monokuma the first time I heard it. How can Tomoki be playing the bad guy??? But, even then the role suited him once I adjusted.

    Completely off topic post, but it's good to know that one of my favorite actors is still active.

  • Still yet, something about the timeline for this story feels a bit off. Is there any source online which provides background for the story? Initially it wasn't too noticeable, but this show has a sort of old-world traditional feel, and still yet they're driving a jeep and smoking filtered cigarettes. Just trying to figure out where they're getting fuel for the jeep is bugging me. Never mind that fighting demons is the focus of the story, where's the gas station??? ;)

    I like the show, but not understanding these plot points is a bit problematic.

  • Just roll with the anachronisms, it's all about the bishies, anyway. ;-)
    BTW, the dragon is the jeep.

    P.S.- And it looks like some backstory is coming (I'm watching on Crunchyroll, too.)

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