Soul Eater: Your Meister/Weapon Combo

  • Curious, to other Soul Eater fans if any of you have thought about what sort of character you would be in this universe or a character you made up for it.

    I had character ideas for 2 characters, a meister and her weapon. My meister would be female, a bit older (probably an experienced meister like Stein, in her 20's-30's). She has perhaps had weapons in the past, but her current weapon partner would be a tall, built guy who turns into a flail (which is a spiky ball attached to a chain, with a handle for wielding).

    I had a lot of ideas for how this Flail weapon would change for different types of attacks. Like Tsubaki, the chain of the flail could get much longer in order to trap enemies. Also thought for soul resonances, that the spiked ball could grow dramatically in size, and the spikes could perhaps shoot out of it. The ball of the Flail would probably be about 10-12" in diameter the majority of the time (about as big as someone's head). The character would be a gruff, quiet sort of guy. I almost imagine him looking similar to Free (minus the magic eye/tattoos/wolfy thing).

    Maybe I'll draw these two one day, but I thought I would share. What about you guys?

  • I always joked with a friend I'd be a weapon. Probably a spear or like a set of gloves that are like wolverine claws

  • Not a character I had actually thought about much, but did have a kind of messed up dream several years ago involving the Soul Eater Universe. I was apparently an onusa (not traditionally a weapon) wielded by a miko meister. DEATH BY A THOUSAND PAPER CUTS!!!

  • Always liked the idea that were I to be a meister, my weapon partner would be an elemental blade, probably Wind related.

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