Video making?

  • Hi my name is Chris, I have been making videos for a long time. It is a dream of mine to make a living doing things that i love to do. Please view my youtube page for an idea of the type of work that can be expected from me, quality wise as well. This is my channel
    I just want a job making awesome videos to promote fantastic anime. Something like a "Toonami commercial".
    When i was growing up.. I stayed up all nite/sometimes even woke up out my sleep on time to catch these cool videos and great shows that spoke to me. Now how can i be on the other side of the playing field and become the person making the videos, that will spark motivation in others?

  • 43 views and not one post back? In a place where i felt this would be more excepted and maybe actually get good feedback..
    all i got was views lol.. Honestly i just need a point in the right direction or the right person to see my work, then put me to work.
    I came to this site because i thought people here would not just love watching anime but the whole production process behind it.

  • @Blackmoonx8 Nice that you want to share your videos to the world but I make less than 10 views a video. I'm not on YouTube for the money but it's just another hobby I do.

  • @Blackmoonx8 Professional advice isn't really going to be within the realm of this forum, at least not from what I know. There may be individuals on the forum with a great deal of experience or knowledge in this, but it's not something which is generally discussed. Several have taken their hobby to a specialization (I personally would love to have a job as a manga/anime translator), but making that step into what is generally a niche portion of the larger field is something very few are successful at doing.

    I wish you all the luck in finding a path, but it's probably going to be an easier adventure if you find a job within editing or video production. Then use contacts which you make there to begin working toward your final goal. In the mean time, it's more important to continue enjoying what you do.

  • @pleco_breeder Thanks for the input. I really don't know where to go/how to go about this. I have skills in my craft you could say but very little in the area that you need to get noticed as talent. (knowing when, where, how and who to push content to.)
    i can sit at my desk and edit 4 or 5 videos from scratch, alone in one sitting but, after that is where i fall off.
    ("dishing out" all that good food.. i just made). I hear what you saying tho, this isn't the place for this kinda talk.
    Sorry for posting something unrelated to whats generally on the forums.

  • @Blackmoonx8 Conversations like this are completely appropriate in the forums, and often come up. My response was more about not being upset because of the lack of responses. For the most part, we all have some interest in the hobby as a whole. I just felt it was important to point out that we're probably not the most likely to be able to provide sound career advice. You shouldn't be dis-heartened by a lack of a response because this isn't really within the realm of general expertise of the average user. There is still a possibility that someone has valuable input, but it would be the exception and not the rule.

  • @pleco_breeder Ah, I understand better what you mean. thanks again.

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