Can Jonathan Todd Ross the voice actor for Marik and Yami Marik can he not do the Yami Marik voice anymore?

  • I play Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Link and all the 4Kids cast does the voices for this app game. But this week there doing a event with Yami Marik being someone you can duel now and unlock to play as. But something is WAYYYY different about his voice from the way he sounded way back in the anime.

    His Yami Marik sound alot like his Normal Marik voice with just a tough of it higher but not that much.

    So here what Jonathan Todd Ross sound in Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links or as Yami Marik

    And here what he sound like as Yami Marik in the Anime

    As you can see there a BIG change!

    Now this is Normal Marik Voice which is the cocky voice he used for Normal Marik but for Yami he alway used HIGH Evil Voice since Marik was a guy who was not afraid to k*** Banish to the Shadow Realm seen mix this with his Yami voice for Duel Links and it just sound bad.

    4Kids alway seen to used the same Voice Actor for Normal and Yami for there Character but Dan Green still has keep that Yugi Voice and that Yami Yugi voice for both but Jonathan Todd Ross does not seen to be able to that bad as Evil Yami Marik voice anymore.

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