A "Surprise Announcement" Awaits Us... Season 2?

  • http://www.crunchyroll.com/anime-news/2017/07/28/dagashi-kashi-prepares-to-treat-fans-to-a-major-announcement

    An early look has revealed that, coming up with next week's Shonen Sunday (released on Wednesdays - "Sunday" is just supposed to sound relaxing) Kotoyama's sweets manga Dagashi Kashi is set to tease fans with news of a major announcement for the following week's 37/38 double issue. The same issue will have Detective Conan #1000.


    Season 2? Movie? Figures, the anime is like an infomercial for IRL food... Sponsors, anyone?...

    Time shall tell... August 9 (Japan Time), it seems... Speaking of time...


    Ye haven't posted once in me stuff at all since forum reset! So sad! :(

    But Rejoice! Hotaru shall come to save our souls, once again!!!


  • Happening.

    The combined 37th and 38th issue of Shogakukan's Weekly Shonen Sunday magazine is revealing on August 9 that the Dagashi Kashi anime will get a second season that will premiere on TBS in 2018. The magazine's 36th issue had teased an "important announcement" for the magazine in the next issue.
    The magazine also confirms that Ayana Taketatsu will reprise her role as Hotaru Shidare.
    Satoshi Kuwabara (Dr. Pinoko no Mori no Bōken, Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal) is directing the anime at Tezuka Productions, replacing director Shigehito Takayanagi. feel., the previous studio that handled the first season, is now credited with setting cooperation. Mayumi Morita is replacing Takayanagi and Yasuko Kamo in series composition. Nana Miura (Young Black Jack) is replacing Kanetoshi Kamimoto for the character designs. Satoshi Motoyama is returning as sound director.

    alt text

  • LoL, way for them to ruin a suprise, set for Aug 9, ahead of time...

    But no matter. The real q is, will the FUNIDUB be the same? Hopefully so... This show is one of the highlights as to why FUNIDUB can be >sub.


  • that's neat. it was an ok show, but i'll certainly try the second season. Too bad Doug's not here, would love to see is reaction to the possibility of Tabitha Ray getting more work

  • The bad news is that it's a new studio (Tezuka Productions instead of feel) with a new director, so it might be a little different from what people remember (especially visually)

    Visual of Hotaru with new character:

    alt text

  • https://twitter.com/pKjd/status/894937025920417792

    Here's a trailer if you're curious.

    Also the part I was most worried about from that promo art, the lack of crazy eyes, has been addressed.


  • @Riles

    Ahh, that pic above would explain why the promo art in the Shonen magazine had a weird Hotaru art.

    No matter, as long as the show itself is more or less in line, no worries.

    On to that point, the trailer @classyspartan posted seemed to match season 1 art style. Not seeing the big difference in the anime itself, unlike as with that promo picture. Very confusing...

    No matter, we shall find out, in time...

  • Yes, the Rinnegan!

    And it's apparently a family trait.

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