Better interface for the Queue/Watchlist

  • This was recently inspired by a Mother's Basement video I watched a little while ago, but I would love if Funimation could update the watchlist/queue on their website with a better interface. Of the various streaming services I've used, I'd say Crunchyroll probably has the best in this regard.


    A couple of things I think would be interesting and worth potentially adding are:

    • Shrinking the "box sizes" of the anime so you don't have to keep scrolling down and see more of the list on your screen.
    • Add a button that allows you to automatically an item to the top of the list.
    • Add a "show more info" button that allows you to see your current progress on the series in the same screen.
    • An ability to be able to give a series a rating from the queue.

  • The shrinking of the "box sizes" aren't necessary. They just need to load your entire queue like Crunchyroll does. In addition having a button that allows you to automatically move a show to the top of the list. These are the most important "features" I'd say Funimation should improve. Everything else you suggested would also be nice.

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