Trying to find Ikki Tousen Totaku's theme song

  • I'm not sure how many sound tracks cds exist but none of them seem to feature this song. It is always played whenever Totaku was around and was only used in season 1. First heard near the end of episode 3 when the character is introduced to Saji and played in just about every episode after that. I'm trying to find it without vocals or sound effects playing in the background so does anyone know if it has or hasn't been made available?

    Finding nothing with google but non useful stuff along with some other anime that seems to have just about every character name and place featured in Ikkitousen.

  • Anyone? I can't help but wonder why the 1st seasons main villain theme wouldn't be on any of the sound tracks I've found so far… Unless vocal removal has gotten better in the past few years listening to distortion sucks...

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