How does FUNI decide which anime to license?

  • Well, during simuldubs, how does Funimation decide which anime they're going to license?

    I've been thinking about it lately;

    Does that factor depend on how well LN/VN/Manga, etc. did. Or, does that factor depend on entirely something else.

    Since, during simuldubs, it'd be hard to tell if the anime will do fine or not.

    I appreciate an answer from moderator or someone who knows about this stuff.

  • Funimation has been doing this for quite a while, I think they know the basic formulas that do well. Obviously, the popular shounen series are almost always a hit. Shoujo is a bit more hit and miss, which is why I think they tend to be a little less likely to get them but they do try to get the really good quality ones. And of course, fanservice shows are something they're known for, so a few of those every season.

    They tend to steer a away a little from other titles, but if there'senough hype build up online, they seem to try for them. I'm sure if the Manga is licensed here and doing well that plays a part too.

  • @emdier I've seem Funimation license and dub some slice of life titles like Three Leaves, Three Colors for example.

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