• @Sophie Just a notification that something changed regarding this system this morning. Prior to today, viewing one of my posts which had received an upvote cleared the count for notifications. Since this morning, I can't manage to get this to clear. While being mentioned in a post or quoted clears from notifications after viewing, upvotes is keeping a steadily increasing count.

  • I have the same problem too, but I managed to find out that there is a "Mark all notifications read" button hidden on the notification page (https://www.funimation.com/forum/notifications), if you resize your browser's width to the one of a smartphone you then get the mobile version of the website and the button appears (the icon on it is an eye).

    I'm just giving this as a workaround because I too think that it should be reseted as soon as you see them without needing further action.

  • Hadn't thought of that, so thanks. I just find it odd because it only started behaving like that yesterday morning. Prior to that, just viewing the forum thread containing the notification would clear the notification.

  • @pleco_breeder

    No, only clicking on the upvote notification clears it. Simply looking at the post doesn't cut it.

    Been that way 4ever BTW, at least on Win 10 Mobile.

    I pinged your OP. Try clicking on the notification itself; it should load this page, /missionaccomplished

  • Clicking on the upvote notification wasn't clearing it. That had been the case till the morning of the OP, but something had changed and it wasn't clearing anymore. That was the reason for the post.

    EDIT: Still not understanding why, but when I submitted this post the upvote which you did for the OP disappeared. This was after having clicked back to the thread using the upvote link to post the initial message of this entry.

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