Ancient Magus Bride

  • Who else went to a showing. Is Ellias now your skull daddy?

  • I am insanely jealous. I begged Crunchyroll on just about every social media platform at every opportunity and we never got a Canadian showing.

    Was it the same mind blowing awesome I am expecting? I bet it was.


    I really enjoyed it. Its wonderful seeing WIT not do an action series and instead something based in a quiet fantasy. The music is awesome. We didn't see an OP or ED. It was very vibrant and colorful compared to the more muted color pallet for something like Attack on Titan.

    Daisuke Namikawa steals the show as Lindel. I can comfirm episodes 1-3 follow the manga. Its very faithful to it.

    My entire theater laughed at Angelica's reaction to the "He proposed to me" line.

  • As long as it follows the manga well (I am so glad to hear it does) we're totally going to have a 10/10 series here. I have not been this excited for an anime series in... Well, ever. I've read the manga so many times over, it's just such an incredible story and everything I have seen so far from WIT has been nothing short of stunning.

    I'm glad their doing the atmosphere and surrounding justice, Magus Bride has always been a series with such a rich world, full of so much detail and life, and I love that it sounds like they're taking full advantage of this and giving us so much color.

    Did you guys get anything special for attending the showing? Anything promotional like a poster?

    If anyone from Crunchyroll is reading, I still want a showing. I am still willing to throw money at you guys for said showing. I neeeeeeeeeeeeeed to see Chise and Elias on the big screen.

  • Same. I am spoiled having seen it up so large.

    In the chance this is a simul dub Ellias will have the easiest job in the world. He has no lip flaps besides in episode 2. And Wit NAIILED the atmosphere. Credit where its due they're a studio that has.



    Also if Colleen ends up as Titiania i will loose my god damn mind...

  • There is an encore screening. @emdier not sure where you are but there's some Canadian showings. I can find Calgary, Winnipeg, Halifax and Peterbourgh.

  • @Doublethree100 you have no idea how happy you just made me. The second they officially go on sale I am getting tickets.

  • @emdier said in Ancient Magus Bride:

    @Doublethree100 you have no idea how happy you just made me. The second they officially go on sale I am getting tickets.

    You don't sound excited at all. And I know how excited you actually are. Here is actual footage of us right now

    alt text

    alt text

    I am also excited about this, by the way.

  • I am at work and barely contained a very embarrassing sound when I read that post, nothing makes me fangirl quite like Magus Bride.

  • @korrailli and I are in line for it right now. Excitement levels are off the charts.

  • alt text

    Who is surprised I loved it?

    The answer is no one. No one is surprised.

    Slight spoilers below, but nothing too crazy.

    The only spot that I was a little disappointed in was when Chise experiences the dragon's "last flight" and instead of seeing the beautiful scenery or air acrobatics, we spend a good at least 40 seconds slowly panning out from a sunset, slowly panning out from a close up on Chise's eye, slowly zooming out from a look of awe on her face. It was the only point that sort of pulled me out of what I was watching on screen.

    But keep in mind, this is a very small gripe. The rest of the 3 episodes we viewed were STUNNING to say the least. The animation is top knotch, it's sticking close to the source material and, as with the manga, the story is very intriguing and the world building is some of the best I have seen in anime. I struggle to think of another show that is quite like this one, it doesn't really feel like the typical anime does. It manages to remain interesting but it's a slow story, one that explores things at its own pace. Normally that kind of series struggles to hold my interest, but in both the show, the OVAs and the manga, it's all just so interesting that I don't mind the pace at all.

    alt text

    ALSO, side note, we need to start having more then one showing for these things because I have been to two recent theater events (Black Butler: Book of the Atlantic and Ancient Magus Bride) and both times the same guy has been there in the audience being annoying as heck. I need to know what showings he will be attending so I can avoid them haha. For some reason, every single time one of the fairy creatures appeared on screen, and they're there quite a bit, he would flip off the screen and say "f****** fairies" like these creatures had personally offended him.

    He also must not have seen the title of the show he was going to watch, because in the end of episode 1 where Elias tells Chise he intends to take her as his bride, apparently this was a huge shock and he was quite upset... In a show called "The Ancient Magus Bride"... And Elias is the Ancient Magus...

    Then when Elias references their Honeymoon twice later (Although I'm pretty sure he has no idea what exactly a "honeymoon" is, just that it's something people do after marriage), he would start calling him an effing pervert.

    At least last time he was just funny despite being annoying (In Book of the Atlantic, we heard such commentary from him such as "He's a zombie! He doesn't want your money!", "He should have done his research!", "He's a demon, he can't die!", and other random comments through the film), this time it was just annoying. Been waiting for this for years dang it, be quiet.

  • @emdier Report him to the management. Have the ushers tell him that if he doesn't keep quiet during the movie that he'll be escorted from the theater without refund. That should shut him up.

    This past weekend I was in Dallas, and I was able to catch a showing of Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry at the Alamo Drafthouse, and right before the movie started, they made sure to play a short video reminding everyone that the theater was now a "SILENT ZONE." Whereas most theaters ask you to stay quiet and silence your phone during the film, the Drafthouse flat out tells you that if you break any rules, you will be given ONE warning, then escorted from the theater after a repeat offense. I actually really appreciated how seriously they took things there.

  • really hope we get a dub for it not wait 2+ years

  • @rammstein4g3 I would be shocked if it's not a simuldub. With how far in advanced they seem to be a same day dub wouldn't surprise me.

  • I'm really glad that this show is getting a simuldub.

    Now for the manga readers: since the show is going to be about 24 episodes long, which scene or part are you looking forward in seeing? :D

  • @ariocto14 said in Ancient Magus Bride:

    I'm really glad that this show is getting a simuldub.

    Now for the manga readers: since the show is going to be about 24 episodes long, which scene or part are you looking forward in seeing? :D

    Ruth. his backstory was pretty close to making me cry.

  • You forum people ready to be driven mad by my obsession with this show? Episode 1 just went up on crunchyroll! Who's watching?

    Also, where's that simuldub Funi!

  • This post is deleted!

  • A teaser for the dub just got posted on YouTube

    Honestly it sounds pretty great from what we got. Has a lot of potential

  • Simuldub for episode 1 is up! Quite happy with it, I was a bit skeptical of Elias's voice but by the end of the ep it was already growing on me.

    alt text

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