Forum Rules

  • Forum Rules

    In addition to the Terms of Use, all users of the Forum must adhere to the following rules. Violators will be subject to our disciplinary system. By creating an account and/or posting to this forum, you understand and agree to the rules. If you have questions, please feel free to contact a moderator or an administrator. These rules will change according to the needs of the Forum. It is your responsibility to keep up with them. Posting something that violates the rules, even in a joking or sarcastic manner, will be taken seriously. You are responsible for what you post and for the consequences. If you see a violation of the rules, please use the report feature to notify a moderator or administrator.


    • All users must be at least 13 years of age on the date their account is created. No exceptions. If a user is found to been under age when they created their account, the account will be banned regardless of the current age of the user. o Multiple accounts are allowed, but only one email address is allowed per account. * Sharing or giving out accounts is not allowed. If someone else uses your account or posts from your account, that person will be considered to be you.

    General Posting

    • Be excellent to each other.
      • In other words do not harass, troll, abuse, flame, impersonate, attack, or threaten other users, or use slurs of any kind.
      • Conflict often gives birth to the best solution, so we encourage healthy debates. Users may discuss and question the issue at hand, but not attack the character of other users.
    • Look before you post
      • Please check to see if a thread you would like to start doesn’t already exist. If one does, then add to it if necessary. Do not
        create another thread just like it.
        • Duplicate threads will be deleted.
      • Please post in the appropriate section and/or thread
        • If you are not sure where to post, please post in the User’s Lounge (General forum)
      • Please make sure your threads add some kind of value to the forum and your replies some kind of value to the thread.
        • New users must wait 24 hours before making new threads
    • Do not cross post.
      • Posting the same message in more than one section or in the same thread is not permitted.
    • No bumping or necromancy.
      • Valuable threads will be posted to. Threads that are no longer needed will fall to the bottom and then die. Please do not bump threads for the sake of keeping them on the front page by adding one or two-word messages. This can be seen as spam and will surely get the thread locked or deleted.
      • If you feel that a thread is worth staying at the top, please contact a mod about making that thread sticky.
      • If a thread is considered dead – has not been posted to in months or years – do not post to it. Instead make a new thread, if you feel the old thread does not address what you need, and there is more to be discussed.


    • English only.
      • Please try to keep your posts as grammatically correct as humanly possible. Keep the Internet slang to the babble board unless it is appropriate for the thread you are posting to.
        • Japanese (romanji, kanji, or kana) is allowed as long as it is not being used as the main language of communication in a post or thread.
          • Allowed: Does anyone know what the translation for
            “鋼の錬金術師” is?
          • Not allowed: いつか日本を訪問したい。
          • Not allowed: Itsuka nippon wo hōmon shi tai.

    Fun & Games

    • Post whatever you want as long as it follows all other forum rules.
    • Threads/posts posted here do still need to have some kind of purpose and not be made just for the sake of posting. For example, threads solely dedicated to a user’s post count will be deleted.
    • Please hide any spoilers by putting a >> in front of the text.
      • If you aren’t sure that something is a spoiler, just assume it is.
        Typing this: >> This is a spoiler!
        Will give you this:

    This is a spoiler!

    • No spam.
      • What is considered spam?
        • The advertising of products, services, or other sites. o
          • If you have a personal website or forum that does not violate any other rules, you may link to it in
            your signature.
        • Asking users to vote for another user on another website, to give referrals to win iPhones or Xbox Ones, or similar.
        • The posting of the same message in one thread or several threads repeatedly.
        • The posting of completely off-topic messages
        • This list is not exhaustive.
    • No excessive cursing.
      • A couple curse words are OK to post, but a string of expletives is not.
      • A word filter will be added, if necessary.
    • No chatting.
      • Please keep personal conversations to the chat room or to the mail system.
    • No shoutouts or personal messages.
      • Messages to a single or small group of users or messages about a single user or small group of users can be considered to be shoutouts.
      • An introduction, as long as it is in the Introductions Forum, is fine.
      • There is no private message system at this time. However, you can notify other users using @ in front of their username, provided that the message does not violate the forum rules.
    • No personal information.
      • No information (yours or someone else’s) including, but not limited to email address, physical location, physical address, phone number, or name may be posted.
    • No illegal content.
      • No linking to, providing, uploading, posting, or discussing illegal content including fansubs, untranslated (raw) videos and/or manga, torrents, music, software, warez, appz, cracks, CD codes, software used for cracks or other malicious activity, translated manga scans, or rips of any kind.
        • If your copyrighted material has been posted to this forum without your permission, please notify an admin.
      • You are free to discuss both licensed and unlicensed anime, however.
        • Example: “I wish [insert name of unlicensed anime here]
          was licensed.
    • No illegal activity or conduct.
      • No discussing, promoting, or providing instruction on any illegal activity or conduct that is abusive, threatening, obscene, defamatory, or libelous.
    • No malicious content.
      • Do not post malicious code or links designed to hurt the forum or the users. Do not instruct others how to code such things or provide them to other users.
    • No inappropriate content.
      • Any content (e.g. images, text, video, etc.) that is of a pornographic, extremely violent, repulsive or disturbing nature, or otherwise unsuitable for minors, is expressly forbidden. In other words, please keep everything you post work safe.
    • Image and Video Posting
      • Embeds and links to videos are allowed as long as the videos follow all other forum rules. Users may not upload videos to
      • Please keep image/video embeds to less than 600 pixels by 600 pixels
        (Could change based depending on new forum layout)
      • If you will be posting many images, please post thumbnails.
      • No video, photographs, or images of another person age 18 or older without his or her express written consent or those of any minor (regardless of whether you have consent from the minor or his or her legal guardian)
    • Usernames
      • Usernames may not:
        • Impersonate, insult, harass, defame, or cause harm to other users
        • Include “mod”, “admin”, “Funimation”, “Funi”, or the name of any Funimation employee without authorization from Funimation
        • Contain inappropriate language
    • Signatures
      • Users may have image, text or a combination of both in their signatures. English is the only language allowed in signatures.
        • Text only
          • Maximum of six (6) lines of text including blank lines with the default font size. Smaller fonts get more lines. Larger fonts get fewer lines.
        • Images only
          • Maximum 30 kB, 400 pixels wide by 125 pixels high
        • Images and Text
          • Maximum of 2 (2) lines of text including blank lines with the default font size or smaller. Larger fonts are not allowed.
          • Image maximum size 30 kB, 400 pixels wide by 105 pixels high
    • Signatures must follow all text and image posting rules.
      • A filter will be in use for signatures. Users that filter dodge will be subject to disciplinary action.
    • You may link to websites provided they follow the spam rules.
      • If you want to use multiple images, please combine them into one image.
      • If you are unsure about your signature, please contact a mod or admin.

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