• Just noticed in this blog post that Funimation is releasing season 1 of this series in October. Great news, but I hadn't seen anything about season 2, has to be a reason it's labeled as season 1, so had to look it up. That's when I found this.

    I can't say I'm happy about this turn as this particular series holds the place of the first subbed anime I was able to enjoy enough to watch all the way through. I realize that all anime will eventually come to an end, and this one left it wide open for another season, but am a bit curious about a couple of things here.

    First, why only four episodes. Granted, the experiment could end at any time, but I can't figure why they would even bother if only four episodes. The March release makes me a bit hopeful that they may be planning a surprise for the Spring season, but even I'm skeptical of this sort of development.

    Second question is for the more long term subscribers. Seeing as Funi is doing a release of the first season, labeled as such, what are the odds of a release of such a short run when it becomes available? I obviously wouldn't expect anything before March, but am now worrying that this series is actually going to have a conclusion and I'm not going to be able to get it because of the short run.

  • @pleco_breeder said in Re:Life:

    First, why only four episodes

    Not enough source material. S1 covered chapters 1-108 (the chapters are really short) and the most recent chapter is 189. During those chapters was a super draggy and almost pointless arc (it did end up having character development but the same development could have been done in a much quicker and more interesting way) that I really doubt anime fans would want to sit through.

    The manga also seems like it's about to wrap up. We're getting close to Christmas and the experiment should end in late February so unless the author drags things out more (which wouldn't make good content) there probably won't be enough for a full season by the end.

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