Megadimension Neptunia VIIR – PS4 August 24, 2017 (Japanese Release)

  • The newest entry into the Neptunia universe is slated for release in Japan August 24, 2017. According to TheTwitGamer,

    “Megadimension Neptunia Victory II was the first Neptunia game from the series to be released on the PS4 and is now getting a Re;Birth style remake but with VR! Hence the VIIR title!”


    “Megadimension Neptunia VIIR's story continues after the events of Mk2 and Victory. Gamindustri is in[sic] the midst of the 'CPU Shift' period and the CPUs become worried that they will soon be replaced as CPUs. During this troubling time Nep and Nepgear vanish and find themselves in Zero Dimension where they meet Uzume.”

    Anyway, here is a trailer for the game.


  • Unfortunately, it looks as though this game will require the PS4 “virtual reality” gear.

    Nope, PSVR optional. This game is meant to be the "complete" story of Victory 2. Don't ask me what was incomplete about it the first time around.

    When it releases I'm sure I'll learn what is different between the two.

  • Ozu voice: What is this...? I've attracted a nep to my post?

    Darth explains,

    "Nope, PSVR optional..."

    Are you sure? In an exchange in the comments section on the trailer video i link to above:

    0_1501056576456_conflicting point.JPG

    When “Emerald Eye” does the re-phrase, “Basically is a Psvr required?” It seemed like a pretty definitive answer from the original poster of the video. Then again, even if not required, do you think you will still get optimal use out of this offering?


  • Then again, even if not required, do you think you will still get optimal use out of this offering?

    Wouldn't know. I think the only VR stuff is when it takes you to "your room"

    That pic you posted has two questions. One asking if you can play without, another asking if you need to play with. Saying "yes" is not clear.


    Players can play the game on their PS4 without owning a PlayStation VR device.

  • Hi Darth,

    Although i was going by the poster's second line, i could see how that setup left "room" for interpretation. I would say it's a safe bet with Anime News Network for the final word and have edited my original post, thanks for providing the link. Funny thing is, watch, WITHOUT utilizing the VR, the game will fall completely flat, which is hard to imagine, especially in thinking of Neptunia games (laughs) ;-)


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