Neon Genesis Evangelion?

  • This is just a reiteration of what I said in the forum below me, but more-so. I really hope that with the inclusion of Evangelion 3.0+1.0, FUNimation will grab up the license for Neon Genesis Evangelion (and maybe redub it) so that it can get it's overdue re-release in North America. If they do get it, I hope they can release it like so: DVD/Blu-ray of the show Standard edition, DVD/Blu-ray (or just Blu-ray idc) of the show Limited edition, DVD/Blu-ray of Death & Rebirth, DVD/Blu-ray of End of Evangelion, Blu-ray collection of the rebuild movies.


    Quote from the link above:

    Not necessarily. We have been licensing stuff directly from Japan for quite a number of years now. We just rely on the US for dubs.

    Unfortunately The EVA movies and TV series are out of print, we would love to be able to renew them, but this simply isn't possible until at the very earliest after the final renewal movie is released. We appreciate everyone's patience, we too want to be able to release these.

  • Yep, TV is off the board until the movies are done (Although considering how much they owe Anno, since they lost the lawsuit, it might get them to move a bit quicker on relicensing Eva TV)

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