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  • Okay, today I finally got a chance to check out a couple of anime in subtitles, and introduce a title to someone they had skipped over because of the title. I know that editing takes place, and understand some of the reasons, but didn't realize the extent until today.

    I'll explain. I'll try to avoid any MAJOR spoilers, but no guarantees. I do have to talk about the shows I'm comparing though in order to make my point. Both titles were watched as subs on CR if that makes any difference.

    We'll start with Kono Subarashi Sekai ni Shukufuku wo, aka konosuba. I had never seen the series until season 2 this winter, but sat up till 2 a.m. every Wednesday night because it was hilarious. I later watched the first season. Anyway, one of the funniest scenes (and the one that got me hooked on the series) was very early in the season while they were hunting frogs, or being hunted by frogs depending on how you want to look at it. Regardless, the scene was edited beyond recognition. The "joke factor" was literally removed.

    Next series, Eromanga Sensei. The first episode (I was afraid to see any more because of editing), prior to Sagiri going live for her drawing, there was an entire segment of her getting her pose ready for the picture she was going to draw in the original series. It was literally a "Did they really just do that???" kind of scene. While it was a slight shock when I first saw it, it was absolutely hilarious. For the sub, it was literally cut down to less than a half a second and wouldn't even realize what had happened if I hadn't seen the original air on TV. Haven't watched past the first episode, but there is a line which comes up in the second or third episode which literally made me choke on my drink when I heard it. Beer really sucks in you sinuses by the way. I'm curious how they approach the line, or if it's even still included in the show at this point, but almost afraid to watch.

    I know this sounds like a rant up to this point, and I'm honestly very frustrated at the situation, but I'm curious to what extent a lot of the anime I've watched over the years has been BUTCHERED like this. I've had to adjust my thinking over time as I tried to watch series, and the realization of what changes are made to scripts is still sometimes a bit difficult to understand. How they can substantiate cutting scenes from shows, scenes which are literally make-or-break moments and some of the most memorable, at this point is beyond comprehension.

    Sorry for the rant, but if anyone can shed some light on this with a valid intellectual explanation, it would be appreciated.

  • are you referring to the quality of the subtitles or the show itself being changed?

  • Sounds like both, depending on the show.

  • @Getchman I've slowly learned to ignore the subtitles. It's still difficult because my eyes are naturally drawn to them, but is possible and makes it easier to enjoy the show because I'm not reading anything different than what's being said. In both cases, there were about a minute and a half segment of the shows completely removed. In the case of konosuba, it was a discussion/argument taking place which was removed. The funny part wasn't what was being said, but what was taking place in the background with the female party members and the toads. In the case of Eromanga sensei, there was nothing said during the scene being discussed, but the action taking place explains Sagiri's method of "visualizing" the character pose she's about to draw for the live stream. I would go into more detail, but really am trying to avoid a spoiler in case the scenes may be returned for the video releases. I simply can't understand why scenes which I specifically remember being trademark scenes of these episodes would be removed. A lot of the value of those episodes were tied up in those specific scenes.

  • @pleco_breeder said in North American editing:

    I've slowly learned to ignore the subtitles

    You can actually turn them off on Crunchyroll with most shows (I haven't run into any that don't allow it but don't want to guarantee it). Just right click the player and click "No Subtitles".

  • To be honest, I haven't seen anything about this from anyone else, not even fansubbers. So I have no idea. If I had to guess, I'd say its a simulcast thing and is likely to be corrected later

  • In Funimation's case, at least, I know for a fact that they do not do any editing of their own on their simulcasts. Any video you see on their site is exactly the same as what the Japanese companies provided them with.

    As for Crunchyroll, I believe their stance is the same, so more than likely any edits or alterations you have experienced where problem done on the Japanese end. Why the production companies would do such a thing, I haven't the foggiest.

    Granted, I don't work for either company, so I have no exact answer. It'd probably be best to bring this up to someone like Miles or Victoria on Twitter and see what they have to say.

  • @Doublethree100 I was watching the shows with someone that doesn't speak Japanese, so had to leave subs alone. Thanks for passing along the details though. I'd tried to figure out how to turn them off several times, so this is very helpful.

    @SpacemanHardy I don't normally use my twitter for anything other than keeping track of events or series, and honestly not the most adept at using it for much else. Do you happen to know usernames so I can investigate this a bit further?

  • @pleco_breeder Miles is @MilesExpress999 and Victoria is @sailorbee.

  • I'd forgotten why I don't like using twitter. Blasted 125 character max. I sent a message to Miles, so hopefully hear something back.

  • Had to apologize for one of the "missing" scenes. When I logged in to get a time stamp for the missing scene in Eromanga Sensei, the scene played correctly. I have to assume this was a glitch in the player earlier, but still kind of embarrassing. Going to have to search through konosuba to see if the same may have happened with the missing scene there as well.

  • 4kids was way too known for their heavy editing, slight plot changes, and Americanization of their anime.

    And Nelvana edited Card Captor Sakura so much, they changed everything, as well as trying to gear it towards boys, and cutting out so many scenes.

    I wish there would be a new, high quality American CCS dub with everything intact.

    Also, some of the anime 4kids formerly had are no longer licensed, and need to be rescued and given new, uncensored dubs.

  • It seems @pleco_breeder is objecting to "selective translation" of titles, not actual editing.

    Just assume all subtitles are noobs, and you be fine. This problem goes well past subjective content BTW; them translators can be noobs at times regardless...

  • In actuality, both scenes I was concerned with, and actually prompted my rant, would have to be blamed on a player glitch. I can't think of any other feasible cause. When I logged in from home and watched the episodes last night, the scenes I was upset about were both part of the stream.

    With regard to subs, I do my absolute best to completely ignore what is typed on the screen unless it happens to be a translation of written material. Even then, the translations are questionable, but I'm a VERY slow reader of kanji. Picked up a complete manga series (26 volumes) at Book Off last October, and it took me till March to finish reading it. Same in English would have been completed within a couple of weeks with the same amount of time devoted to it.

    @thegrandalliance You are correct in assuming about translators being noobs. However, in their defense, not everything is going to mean the same to everyone. The ability to maintain a storyline with so much fluctuation in the language really is a skill, even if I consider a lot of the language choices to be the wrong one. Luckily, I now know how to turn off the subs on CR, and have been binging for about the last 30 hours as a direct result. At some point in the near future, I'm going to have to start asking for suggestions though because this is the first time that I've given consideration to a lot of anime because my personal issues with subs. Still don't like subs, but subbed anime without the subs are great :D

  • Meh, IDK. I just use "critical thinking skills" in regards to subtitles. If you assume any set could be mistranslated, then considering other possibilities always for the widest range of error well self-correct most encounters.

    In other words, if you know it is probably going to be wrong (at any moment), use what is given as a "contrarian indicator" and just retranslate it in your head to something more suiting. It may/may not be what is verbally spoken directly in Japanese, but it may accurately reflect the indirect meaning implied.

    No Japanese Skills Required, of course...

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