Easier Roku login

  • It would make logging in to one's account on the Roku easier if it used the "link account" feature found on some apps, rather than requiring entry of the username and password.

    This process works by the user requesting a link code from the website, and then entering that numeric code on the Roku app. It is far easier to enter this without error than a username and password.

    For persons that might not have access to a web browser, the option could be retained to log in with a username and password.

    Given that the Roku app appears to log one out after some period, and entering a username and password with the Roku remote is rather clumsy (unless you use a quite simple and insecure password), making this process easier would be a significant benefit.

    If the above suggestion is too complicated to implement, and alternate suggestion is to allow setting a secondary simpler password that would be valid ONLY for the Roku.

  • I absolutely agree with all of that. It's annoying to have to constantly reenter my username and password, especially as I used a long and complicated password to sign up. If I accidentally misspell something I have to do it all over again, and with typing with the Roku remote being cumbersome at best, I just typically end up doing something else instead.

    What makes the issues with the Funimation app on Roku all the more annoying is the nagging feeling that they're the result of ineptitude, as if the folks responsible for developing it hadn't paid any amount of attention at all to what other developers have done with their own Roku apps over the years. It's all sort of mind-boggling, really.

  • I second this as it is a pain to have to constantly log into the Roku app each and every time I want to use it.

    Netflix - no issues staying logged in
    Amazon Prime - no issues staying logged in
    Hulu + no issues staying logged in
    HBO Go- no issues staying logged in

    Funimation - constantly have to log back in.

  • Sounds good. We can definitely look into implementing that feature.

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