If you can't get a dub out at least give us the sub.

  • I am paying for this service for 1 reason, My hero academia, yet 2 episodes are out now on crunchyroll that have yet to hit Funi in any shape fashion or form. How is this possible? I was under the impression this would be simulcast, which is why I registered your service to begin with, but even so I could live with that if only I could watch the subbed version. No dice though, so now I have to watch ads to watch one of the two said episodes, and the other is only available to their subbed users, looks like they take much better care of their customers, what gives.

  • @KoolAidtheRED said in If you can't get a dub out at least give us the sub.:

    How is this possible?
    what gives.

    You missed the memo. Funi has reverted to normalcy. For the second half of Season 2, Academia is now dubbed two weeks behind the subbed episode's premiere from now on.
    And before you further object- yes, there were notices on Funi's social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.
    I even got an e-mail.
    So put your feet up and sit a spell.

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