How hard is it to cancel a subscription?

  • So I've been debating subscribing for a while, but I already have crunchyroll and I'm not sure if I'd want to stick to two. How hard is it to cancel? I recall a few other people posting on the forums mentioning that their cards continue getting charged after they try to cancel and I do not want to be locked in.

  • @emdier It's not to hard. I had mine canceled earlier this year and didn't have any issues. If they charge you just sends ticket saying you were charged after you canceled and if they don't do anything call your bank to get your refund.

  • When you cancel, also delete your payment info at same time. This will disable any auto-malfeasance as well.

    I have sub/cancel numerous times over the years; people who are "having issues" simply are not verifying they click both cancel buttons (the "are u really sure?" one), and elsewise. User error.

    BTW @emdier if you want both funi/cr, but don't want 2 subs, you can subscribe to the new streaming service VRV; hosted by CR parent company. For 10USD/month, u can get both FUNimation and CR combined into one platform, plus some other random/useless ones.

    The apps/usefulness is not as good as a full FUNI or CR sub, but it should at least get you most/all Simulcast titles, and many catalog ones. Something to consider, at least..

  • What they said, I was subscribed via paypal, and Funimation actually cancelled the recurring paypal subscription when I cancelled. You'll have to fill out a "Why are you unsubscribing" questionnaire when you cancel, and definitely be honest about why. It only helps them to make their service better.

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