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  • Hey @sophie

    I know it was probably a fluke but I've seen the "Play on Chromecast" button show up on the site a couple times. and for the most part works quite well, the page reload to switch videos kills it however). Is there any plan for this feature to be rolled out on mass? I'd love to be able to stream from the site instead of killing my tablet streaming that way.

    Thanks, Hatta

  • @The_Hatta On the player? Could you post a screenshot the next time you see it?

  • On the player? Could you post a screenshot the next time you see it?

    I can sure try; No promises though As I think it creeped out when Vu was doing updates.

  • Nice, you jinxed it. Now I seem to not get the cast button at all, before in Chrome I had to F5 then click the button in the player before it disappeared but now I never get it and that was my only reliable way to cast in 1080p.
    The Windows 10 app doesn't see the Chromecast, strangely it does see my Samsung un55f8000 but does nothing, and the IOS app seems to only cast in ~240p.

    Edit: Derp turns out one of my chrome extensions was breaking it...

  • @Sophie

    Took awhile for it to show up again, but:

    Not sure if it helps or not.

    -- The_Hatta

  • @The_Hatta Woah! Do you happen to know how you got it to appear?

    @RED-404 Windows 10 app won't work with Chromecast because the streams have copy protection. Netflix is the same.

    Which one of your extensions was blocking Chromecast in the web player?

  • @Sophie said in Chromecast From Website:

    streams have copy protection. Netflix is the same.

    Hi @Sophie I know way to play fullscreen Funimation video on a TV via a chromecast (and a PC using Chrome) that's very easily done, is that a problem? You don't need the Chromecast icon to appear in the video, either.

  • If that is an issue, is their a way for me to send you a PM with the details on how to replicate it. I don't really want to post it here due to how easy it is to do.

  • @Tibs If you meaning the Chrome Mirroring ( both browser based & desktop mirroring), I'm fairly certain @Sophie knows about that, as its how we were casting the old site.

    As for the icon @Sophie, You can make it appear anytime by removing the "hidden" css style, But that doesn't make it work. Every so often it does happen to appear on its own, and work ( I'm assuming during your guys updates to the site) then it goes back to being hidden & broken.

  • @Tibs Thank you very much for the offer to help, but I know how to mirror the screen and cast the browser tab. ๐Ÿ˜Š

    @The_Hatta Thank you. That means I can put in a bug, but I wonder if it was hidden on purpose. I could see the developers temporarily hiding the Chromecast option if it wasn't working well.

  • @Sophie I assume it was hidden on purpose. Either because they used the generic player, and then just hide the stuff they didn't want to use. Or because it doesn't work right.

    The 1st option explains why its got then hidden tag, but not why every so often I can get it to actually play something which the 2nd does explain.

    Either case, I'd love to have the functionality, but if it was turned off on purpose. I can respect that too.

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