The Code Geass Episode 3 commentary

  • Be Worn there is spoilers:

    Ok that was a very informal commentary alot of information told in this commentary. One in which is what we've been discussing on this fourm for a long time now, whether or not the LA and/or California voice actors did come to Dallas to do the recording which they did not they communicated them through some new software for them to do the recordings. I don't know if this will be the case for season 3 since most the cast are from LA and/or California. I wonder how they'll approach that now. I also thought it was that the guy who was hired to be the director had stated that this was the first anime that he directed. Very good one might I add for him to start on. They talk about how they did the whole accident thing with their French accents and what not which was very interesting. What Did you guys think of this what did you guys like by the commentary? Discussions

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