Size of Video Player.

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    As you can see from what i'm seeing, it seems as though the Crunchy Roll player has much more surface area...


  • I see your point but is there a particular reason why you would watch something that way instead of going fullscreen? I can see it becoming a problem if you would multi-task and use multiple windows on the same screen though...

  • Hi Krock,

    Good to be speaking with you once again. You explain,

    "is there a particular reason why you would watch something that way instead of going fullscreen?..."

    An excellent question. I am using Norton 360 which records every time a program enters "full screen". That may or may not be a bad thing... So, to avoid Norton's recording capability, i try to avoid f.s. altogether. Now, there is a way of changing that setting, and, i believe i figured it out in the past, however, not feeling inspired to go through all the settings again, therefore, i just try my best to avoid full-screen (laughs) ;-)

    Have a wonderful day,

  • @P.J. By "records every time a program enters full screen" do you mean recording the actual screen output or just keeping a flag that you were watching something in full screen at that particular moment? I don't see why an anti-virus should do either of those things though.

    I know it's not a simple thing to do but if you value your privacy as to go to this kind of extent (which I totally understand for this particular case) you should probably reconsider your software choices. But anyway I don't think anyone is 100% safe when we access the internet no matter by which mean we do...

  • Hi Krock,

    It’s your second idea, “keeps a flag that you were watching something...” I’m attaching a screenshot so that it is better illustrated. I guess it can be helpful for parents, so that they can see what their kids were watching in full-screen.

    You explain,

    “you should reconsider your software. i don’t think anyone is 100% safe...”

    Believe it or not, i just renewed my Norton 360 sub. for another year. I’ve been very impressed with the protection the program has afforded me; it has blocked a number of intrusion attempts and even flags suspicious STEAM entries. Further, when i call in to their tech dept. their support staff is very personable and knowledgeable. I can agree on the “100%”, i also use Malwarebytes’ to “fill in” possible security gaps.


    P.S.- I apologize for my delayed response, my work schedule was very busy this past week, and, i also contribute on

    0_1500793275639_Norton Fullscreen.JPG

  • Well I'm glad to know that you're pleased by the quality of the software. At least it's not recording the playback but I understand how you feel about it keeping a note on everything you watch in fullscreen. Seeing that you are part of the community, I'm pretty sure it would be easy for you to get help on how to disable the feature without needing to go those annoying ad-filled "computer tricks" websites you can find on Google.

  • Krock explains,

    "those annoying ad-filled 'computer tricks' websites..."

    Yeah, these days especially, you have to be very careful what links you click. I always try to verify a given Website through a Web-reputation service such as WOT Web of Trust or hpHosts.



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