Season 9 Voyage 3

  • Well, I see on the One Piece Wiki, the release date is October 10th. I was guessing October, that's what I put down on my budget for that month. I can't remember how many Voyages there is, think 5. There are 58 episodes of the Fishman Island Arc, but episode 542 won't be included, cause it's another crossover episode with Toriko.

    Voyages 1 and 2 both have 12 episodes, Voyage 3 seems to have 11 episodes, which is missing episode 542. that leaves 22 episodes left, which I am guessing will be put in Voyages 4 and 5. I would wager a guess Voyage 4 would be December and Voyage 5 finishing up in February....unless they decide to change things around.

  • They probally put the realse date for season 9 voyage 4 after collection 21 comes out 😈

  • Well, gotta wait about 19 days to see if it comes out in odd there is a long time between voyages within a season...usually been 2-3 month in's the time between seasons that is usually the longer waits.

  • @TheRealSneakers right ✊🏾

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