Danganronpa 3 Release

  • To say I am slightly disappointed with the way FUNi is releasing DR3 is putting it lightly. Why are they releasing it like THAT? And what is the 12th episode on the Despair Arc? It better be the 2.5 OVA because anything else will be Hope Arc and that placement makes no sense.

  • I'm gonna take a guess and say that the 12th episode on DR3 Despair Arc is probably going to be the Hope Arc.

    I won't lie though I do kinda agree that releasing them as two separate things like that is definitely very confusing and weird.

  • It feels like the person that decided how to put this out didn't know how this series went.

  • Yeah I don't think this chronological method makes much sense either for the physical release. To experience the series to its true effectiveness, you'll have to swap out the discs between each episode

    Plus the box art for Despair Arc is kind of a major spoiler for those who have played Danganronpa 2, so that sucks as well :(

    It doesn't feel like much consideration went into this release

    FYI, yes, Hope Arc is going to be on the Despair release since that was where it was placed in the broadcast schedule

  • It wouldn't surprise me if Funi originally planned on putting out a "complete" collection but corporate mandate prevented them from doing so. Otherwise, the episode placement does seem a bit wonky.

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