Downloading to your phone for later

  • Netflix and XfinityGO both have a feature where certain movies and tv can be downloaded to your phone through the app so you can watch them later when you're away from WiFi. It'd be great if we could bring this feature to premium users as I damn near skyrocketed my data usage after only three episodes of Shin Chan.

  • @maljoker this would be a wonderful idea especially when you don't have wifi. Netflix downloaded episodes last for 47h I think. It's fun to watch for those treadmill days in the gym

  • Amazon's Anime Strike offers downloadable offline episodes through their video apps.

    Crunchyroll plans to roll out offline streaming in 2017

    Regardless of people's thought regarding Strikes entrance into the market, If its presence is forcing the competition to adapt and offer the same services and features then I'm all for it.

  • This feature is coming. I'm writing the requirements up for it now, actually, so if you have anything about it on your wishlist, post it and I'll see if I can include the functionality.

    It will be launching on iOS and Android mobile and tablet.

  • @Sophie hey when do you think offline viewing will be added to the app?

  • @Sophie I don't use the "download for later" type features, but one obvious feature request would be the ability to download larger blocks than a single episode for binge watching. I'm referring more to the ability to download something like the next three episodes with a single request rather than having to babysit the phone. This would give a reasonable amount of viewing material without overloading memory on a portable device.

    I am also curious how a feature like this will effect tracking in the site queue.

  • @pleco_breeder - It will be single video for now. I can ask if we can explore multiple episode downloads.

    The app will record history locally, and then will update your site history when you next connect to the internet and run the app.

  • I think the idea of having a small number of episodes available, because of only being ~25 minutes per would be more useful to the functionality. With up to 1-1/2 hours of shows downloaded in a device, simply updating at wifi connections would make long trips a lot easier, and still keep a passenger entertained. Just my immediate first thoughts on ways to benefit from this function, but hope I've explained it well enough.

  • @pleco_breeder said in Downloading to your phone for later:

    With up to 1-1/2 hours of shows downloaded in a device, simply updating at wifi connections would make long trips a lot easier, and still keep a passenger entertained.

    That's a good point. ^_^ I'll use that in the proposal.

  • @Sophie Yay... I got to help! Actually, the idea came from saving manga onto my phone for long rides on very packed trains. Made the commute a lot more enjoyable.

  • Any idea when this will happen? I spend half my time in a place with crap wifi... I need this

  • No date yet, but it's fairly high up in the project priority list. Since requirements are done, I can start letting y'all know what's in store on Monday. ^_^

    Just post in the thread to remind me.

  • @Sophie Consider yourself reminded! Any update on when this is coming?


  • The answer to "when" is not available yet. We're still in early stages. However, I can tell you a bit of what is in store.

    • The feature will only be available to Premium subscribers.
    • The feature will only be available on iOS and Android mobile and tablet apps.
    • Your downloaded videos will be saved in a new section of the app called "My Downloads".
    • You will only be able to download one video at a time, but you will be able to queue up as many as you want to be downloaded one after the other. The app will tell you the status and progress of each download.
    • As long as you have room on your device, you will be able to store up to 13 videos. This will be counted at the video title level, which means that 1 downloaded video will include all languages and versions.
    • If you have the mature restriction setting set to "On", then you will not be able to download any mature-rated videos. The mature restriction setting will not affect being able to watch any videos that have already been downloaded.
    • Your watch history will be saved locally for the video you watch offline. As soon you go online and launch the app, your online watch history will be updated with what you watched while you were offline.

  • I do hope you reconsider the 13 episodes only method both Netflix and sadly Anime Strike both have no episode limits when it comes to downloading it'll really useful if you go on a long trips like out of the country with very poor internet available and sometimes certain titles aren't available due to region restrictions

  • @sleepykilla I was only told that the limit was a "business requirement" and not a technical limitation, so it could possibly be reconsidered depending on the reason.

    Keep in mind, though, that because the app determines your location based on from where you were when it was last online, you wouldn't be able to watch your downloaded videos in another country if you bring your device online, run the app in that country, and we don't have the rights. You'd have to take your device offline completely before running the app and never run the app while online until you were done watching those episodes or until you are located in country where we do have the rights.

    Netflix works this way too. As soon as we landed in the US, my friend couldn't watch anime that he'd downloaded from Japanese Netflix anymore. He could watch it on the plane while his device was offline, though.

  • @Sophie hey;) Iโ€™m still a little confused... so as of today, November 12, 2017, you are not able to download videos for offline viewing from the funimation now app?

  • @06otaku29 Correct. You cannot currently download videos to your device as of today, November 13, 2017. The functionality will be added in the future. It is in development.

  • @Sophie ok thxs for letting me know!;)

  • @06otaku29 No prob! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Just wanted to throw in my 2 cents. I haven't subscribed yet. But I plan to as soon as this feature goes live. Like so many others, I don't have the data available on my mobile to support streaming all the time.

    So, sooner rather than later! :D

    Edit: Oh, and I want to mirror the sentiment stated above. I don't feel there should be any restrictions on the number of downloads. I'd like to be able to download a whole season of something and just watch it as I'm able.

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