Linkage CD+DVD Combo.

  • I recently secured Kawata Mami-kun’s Linkage and am very impressed. In addition to fan-favorites such as “Prophecy” and “All In Good Time” (reason why i purchased the CD) i was superiorly impressed with the song “Linkage” the namesake of the CD. All this said, what outright amazed me was an adaptation she did of the Cranberries song, “Dreams”. For a second, i didn’t know what was going on, however, for this one, she IS singing in English! WoW! Did not see that coming... i was like (slow motion) nooo! don’t sing in English and become subject to the sheer perversity that it has degraded into. Then again, at the time the Cranberries released “Dreams”, a safe bet that American music was still decent enough..

    Concluding, she did a great job on this project, if you can, check it out, and, i think you all know who your mami is... (laughs) ;-)

    Take care,

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