Japanese (anime/manga/collectibles) related pics

  • I know the title is slightly off on what I'm typing, but have a question. Was looking through some of my pics and videos this morning and the thought dawned on me that some of the people on the forum may be interested in seeing the stuff that an anime fanatic goes to see while in Japan.

    I'd like to share, if there is even an interest, but have no idea what the easiest way to do so would be. A LOT of my stuff is loaded to my FB page already, but don't know if I can link photos and videos from that, or how to go about doing so aside from the photo icon for forum posts.

    If there is any interest in this, I'd be glad to show off a few things, but do need to know how to go about doing it in order to make it happen.

  • I mean I'd be interested. Don't actually know how to upload links but for pictures I believe you click on the cloud icon you can post pictures that way.

  • Gonna give this a try, so hopefully at least something works. This entry, assuming it works, came from kanda mioujin. For anybody that has watched the Love Live series, this is the shrine and stairs where the girls did their conditioning and where Aquors first met Saint Snow. BTW, I counted the stairs as I ran them. Yes, I had to run the stairs. There are 83 of them.

    The infamous stairs

    Same stairs from bottom up

    And finally a panoramic video of the shrine itself. REALLY hoping this works because the shrine is amazing. I do need to add a disclaimer here. Because the shrine is VERY busy, it wasn't possible to get a video without people in the frame. If anyone happens to be a member of this forum (highly unlikely but possible) and objects to being seen, please contact me with verification and I'll remove the link.

    The actual shrine

    I tried to post these inline, but something with the settings for either the sharing sites or forum just wasn't letting things come through. I'll try to get a few more pics (some of them may be slightly unusual, but I thought were interesting because they're often shown in anime) posted to my account and get them up over the next couple days.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Trying uploading the pictures to a site like Imgur, then copy and post the links from there.

  • Slow internet and loading to the cloud is making this a bit slow, but the first post now has active links. I'll try to add a couple things of interest each day till I've got most of the "first experience" pics and videos here for viewing.

    Today, I've loaded a few thing from my first trip to Akihabara. Not everything is up yet, so will likely be continuing this one as time allows.

    My first trip to Akiba was a bit of a disaster. My phone didn't work because of a change in carriers, so I was playing it by ear as to how to get to where I wanted to be. A lot of things I didn't get to see till much later because I ended up getting lost.

    First view of Electric Town

    A panoramic video of the main strip with shops and game centers

    Billboard for the Aquors cafe on the side of the Sega building

    It's very common for convenience stores or pachinko parlors to license anime for advertising purposes, and often have special gifts available from set locations when items are purchased. Being a foreigner, I couldn't do the pachinko parlor offers, but did find some of the stuff interesting to at least see.

    Madoka advertisement at an Akihabara pachinko parlor

    Finally, this one I just found too hilarious to not take a pic of. Maps in Japan are laid out in larger blocks, and have A LOT of smaller walking streets which run within those blocks. This particular building sets between Shinjuku San Chome and Shinjuku Ni Chome in one of those small streets. It's a perfect example of Intergalactic Understanding because apparently even aliens get jock itch.

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