Episode Release times need to be honored

  • I'll make this quick. I assumed you guys had some type of automatic system that'd just allow us to view the episodes at the time it's scheduled to be released. It's kinda up setting to come in 20 mins later and still not see the scheduled episode not up. It's not like you update pages so we an get a heads up if it's not being uploaded on here this week. Some type of reasoning for the episodes to not come on time would be nice. I only pay to see ONE anime and when I can't see that anime it's annoying.

    Just checked Crunchyroll and looks like it's up over there. Now I gotta go watch it sub.

  • What show?

  • boku no hero academia

  • @CaptainFox They're not able to do same-day simuldubs of that show anymore; check the blog post here: https://www.funimation.com/blog/2017/07/13/summer-2017-simuldubs-funimationnow/

  • @GalaxyCrisis thx for the heads up. Guess i'll be back on day.

  • Well to be honest, Funimation has always had trouble getting shows up on schedule, or at least the shows I had been watching. It would be nice, if like CR there was a box or some equivalent, that showed a shows release time, and could post a message if the show was delayed, but nope.

  • But that only mentions the simuldubs. Nothing about subs. If they are 2 weeks behind also, that's a bad move.

  • As explained previously on DubbleTalk and otherwise, Simuldubs are at the mercy of the "Japanese Overlords". They have to get episodes in advance of air date to work on it. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don't.

    Not withstanding technical matters, this is the single restriction on dub output. Now, with some studios such as Gonzo, they seem to have a working relationship in order to meet the Simuldub standard. As to the many other studios, it can be hit or miss.

    Whether they can work this out in long term or not, hard to say. Regardless, faster is not always better, as it doesn't give the ADR much reference material in order to approximate the character VAs they are translating. "Issues" arise, I's gets anguris, so on so forth.

    But I digress.....

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