Constantly Logging back into my Account

  • I have been having this issue where I have to constantly Log In to my account. For example I want to read the Blog post, but NOPE Log In. I want to check out the list of Anime NOPE Log In. Click on my queue NOPE Log In. I don't understand why I am constantly being Logged out of my account after every little thing I do?

  • Hi Anime Girl,

    Did you happen to see this:

    In that thread (which may be helpful in and of itself) there is another link discussing the "log in" issue which may be of help. Overall, this situation continues to be an annoyance for many people here.

    By the way, nice avatar :-)


  • Constantly logging in to your Account to check a thing in your Account is by design, since it contains payment information. It makes you do that every 40 minutes.

    Blog is a bug.

    I'm not sure what you mean by "List of Anime". Do you mean www.funimation.come/shows/all-shows? That page should not be requiring you to log in.

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