Family Pass like Netflix pass

  • Instead of just having a single subscription per person, there should be a way to have a family pass like Netflix has, so you can have 2-4+ people on an account with a single payment, instead of having to pay for 3 different log ins.

  • @overlord_chris Hi overlord_chris! I know I'm just another user of Funimation like yourself, but I believe that your suggestion is a tad on the vague side.
    You said "pay for 3 different log-ins", so I'm assuming you're aware of the "Family & Friends" add-on feature Funimation has available to subscribers for an additional $1.99/mo, allowing for 4 streams in total to be played simultaneously (your own + 3 additional streams).

    I am just about to submit a suggestion regarding this subscription add-on myself, and I'm assuming that what I want to suggest is what you're intending to suggest as well. That is, that each streamer can have their own designated "channel" or "profile" that doesn't affect the existing subscriber's own preferences.
    i.e. If a family member or friend adds something to their queue, it won't be added to my/your queue; if they watch something you're not interested in, it won't show up in my/your watch history, etc., etc..

    Forgive me if I'm wrong, but is this the correct interpretation of what you're suggesting?

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