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  • I'm not entirely sure who to contact regarding this, but I am a college art student studying Digital Media/ Animation and was looking for opportunities at FUNimation regarding technical creative fields that would encompass that and develop my skills. This would be a summertime internship as a prerequisite to my completion of my degree. Any information about the program and the application process would be deeply appreciated. Thank you so much!

  • Based on how your OP reads (that you are an animation student) Funimation may not be what you are looking for since they don't make the animation.

    I could be wrong.

  • check out the the FAQ for info. you can find it by clicking on the smiley icon that's located on the top right

  • @Getchman said in Internship Oppurtunities:

    check out the the FAQ for info.

    Does Funimation offer internships?
    We’re always accepting undergrad resumes for our various internship programs. If you’re interested in applying, you could be the next intern for one of the following departments:
    Marketing (Focus on strategy, PR, media, social media, marketing)
    Creative Services (Print design, digital content, web design, copywriting)
    IT (Information Technology)
    Promotional Video (Trailer Development, Editing, Sound Design)
    Consumer Licensing (Licensing, Acquisitions)
    So what do we look for in an intern candidate? Reliability, integrity, excellent communication skills, and an interest in anime are all strong advantages. All intern candidates must live locally in the DFW area.
    If you’re ready to apply, send your resume and portfolio to
    Internships are unpaid and must be coordinated with your college for class credit.

  • why did you reply to me, and not Zoe?

  • You were handy.

  • @Getchman

    So "sensitive".......


    You are wrong. You are forgetting cleanup work, such as English titles, that are done. Not "real animation", but technically so nonetheless. And, promotional materials, DVD/website/promotional box art design arrangement, the like.

    BTW........... PUDDING! WHERE IS MEZ?!!.....

  • I think a good fit would either be "Promotional Video" with the Motion Graphics Department or "Creative Services" with the Graphic Design Department. Motion Graphics makes all the trailers and the video logos. It has a bit of animation in it. Graphic Design makes all the print media and packaging. They are in the charge of the overall look of each brand.

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