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  • At least to me, it seems as though (recently) there is this “jump” (if you will) to constantly “lock” threads here - - and, i’m not necessarily sure it’s a good trend... I mean, i could justify locking a thread if it exhibited excessive foul language, something threatening or obscene, however, just locking down a post because some do not want to deal with a psychological counterpoint is ridiculous. If you are becoming weary of the discussion, just DON’T participate in it, simple. But, by locking the thread, say someone wanted to enter the discussion, they can’t! So annoying, there have been many occasions where i wanted to go back to a particular idea, but, no, can’t do it because it’s locked! >:s


  • @P.J. I understand what you mean but from the topics I've seen just leads to arguments or people just being toxic toward others. Which is breaking the be friendly or awesome toward others thing Sophie always says. In my opinion though I feel like threads should be locked more often with all the spam.

  • I get bothered seeing threads that get necroed without getting anything productive.

    Take for example my... A Silent Voice thread, I made it like 3 months ago but I'd still post something new if something new came up. I wouldn't lock my thread for that.

    However if I went back and dug up an old thread (about nothing in particular) and said something that didn't add to the conversation, I would lock it after that post.

  • Although it would be more work for the mods, I would much rather see posts managed on a case by case than to see the threads locked. I've only been back to surfing the forum since last night, but some of the threads which were locked, potentially for good reason, I would have liked to add my own two cents to and maybe give some insight to the material itself.

    I won't go into detail because it was locked, but there is a thread which was recently locked (stating an opinion VERY different than my own) which I would have liked to at least share my opinion on and give my own reasons for the difference of opinion. Because I'm now actively thinking of the topic due to the posting, I'm inclined to start a new thread to express those thoughts. However, because the original thread was locked rather than dealing with a developing toxic nature, I'm not so apt to do this because I don't want to open up a sore which the mods have made an effort to control. Whether I agree with the method it was dealt with is irrelevant, but I feel I would have been free to express my opinion on the matter, and explain my reasons for those opinions, if the individuals had been dealt with rather than attempting to completely remove the topic from discussion.

    In short, there will always be people that tend to push things too far, and forums are more prone to trolls and flames than your average RPG battle, but eliminating the ability for open discussion on a topic just because individuals show up is kind of like burning a village just to keep it from getting attacked.

  • Threads are locked on a case by case basis. If you see any that have been locked prematurely, please post them here. I can then reconsider opening them back up.

  • At least in my instance, I can't speak for the others that have posted here, the thread itself had definitely became toxic. Therefore, I couldn't recommend unlocking it unless the individuals bringing the attitude to the thread were addressed. That's my reason for not posting another thread as I feel it would be an invite to the same mentality because locking the thread was chosen over addressing individual behavior. Also, because of another thread semi-related from a different angle, I'm quite sure it would cause problems for others, including site admin, if the topic were re-opened. OP is still making a bit of a scene out of frustration. HINT!!! ;)

    With that in mind, my post was more about requesting that individuals be handled on a case by case rather than restricting conversation of a topic as a whole

  • @pleco_breeder Thanks! That does seem like what we should do instead.

  • Hi Midnight,

    You explain,

    "which is breaking the be friendly or awesome toward others..."

    I can appreciate that. One of my thoughts is, i just don't want "negative press" (if you will) to spread about FUN's forum in that people might start saying something like, "Forget their forum, the minute you post something unconventional they will drop the hammer on you..." and decrease traffic to the forums.


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