Does this mean anything to anyone?

  • 0_1499674715892_FUNimation Logo.JPG

  • What exactly are you referring to? The kawaii anime girl? The lucky cat? The smiling hearts and rice ball? You need to be a bit more specific.

  • The guy that drew it just wanted to put in a "generic kawaii anime girl". I wouldn't look too much into it.

  • Uh, oh. Attracted the attention of both Moderator Spaceman Hardy AND Administrator Sophie! Not sure what that says.. (cautious laugh) {:-o
    I apologize if this has caused a stir, this was just one of those random things i figured i would "throw out there" (so to speak) to see if people recognized it, and, if they could place where they had seen it. If this thread is problematic, please feel free to take appropriate action.

    Definitely did not mean to offend,


  • @P-J Oh no! You're fine. ^_^ I've actually been waiting for people to analyze the new video logo, since it has so much stuff in it.

    Y'all can feel free to figure out what she was inspired from. I don't know either. I did see the original version of her in the first version of the video logo, and said that she didn't look authentically anime enough. This is what they came up with after that feedback. I think she's closer at least.

  • Hi Sophie,

    Good to hear; would you happen to serve on a panel that decides on the "artistic merits" at FUNimation? If so, that's cool. I believe i stated this on another post, but, you are definitely artistically talented. As for the image, perhaps the creator is drawing from a bit of Lucky Star? Lucky Star is definitely one of the greats, i wish we had a category for it under "L" under the FUNimation shows forum.


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